Mirrored Past

Hey! This is a Fan Fiction.
I don't want to give it all away so I will post a Prologue! Please enjoy I am so excited to write this book!! I hope it turns out good so please help me out with that by liking adding it to your favorites etc.
Thank you!:)


4. New friends and Scares

"Your alive!! We all thought we lost you forever! Dad made us stop talking about you when I was 7. Greg said we should of kept looking!! He was right, we should of!! I missed you soo much Natty!!!" Niall said running to me and hugging me!

"I missed you too Ni! How is mom? Is Greg okay? I heard about the split! Are you okay? How are you? I missed your hugs!" I said so happy my brother was in my reach again.

"Shh. We can talk about me after!! I need to know how you are!!!?" Niall said pulling away to look me in the eyes.

*Flash back*

"Ni!! Stop!" I screamed as he tickled me.

"Never!" He yelled.

"Pwease" I giggled.

"Fine!" he said and moving his hands away from my sides.

Then *BOOM* thunder and then the entire room lite up. It was a thunder storm.

I jumped and ran to my bed and went under it.

"Natty! Come out! Please!" Niall said looking under the bed and reaching out his tiny hand.

"Oh.. okay.." I said slowly crawling out."Sing?" I asked looking my brother in the eyes.

"Lay." He said.

I laid down and started singing a lullaby I love so dearly.

I drifted off to sleep with my brothers voice in my ears and his arms around me.

*End of Flashback*

"Ni! I missed you soo much!" I said snuggling into his chest. He was much taller than me now. When we were little we were the same height but now he was a man and was taller than me. He was shorter than Harry but I was pretty short so everyone seemed tall to me.

"Shh it's okay!" Niall said running his fingers through my hair.

I cried for the last 13 years. Unless I was with Harry. Which was quite often but not always often enough.

"I love you Ni." I whispered into his chest.

"I love you too." He whispered into my hair.

When we pulled away Anne was in tears and had to leave the room, Louis was fake crying, which was quite funny, Liam had tears in his eyes, Zayn was silent and Harry looked upset and still stood beside me.

"Sorry boys! Lets do something fun to bring up the mood?" I suggested.

"Okay!" Everyone agreed.

"Let's go swimming!!" Yelled Harry.

"Yea!" Everyone agreed except Zayn.

"What's wrong Zayn?" I asked.

"I.. umm.. I don't know how to swim.." He said looking away.

"That's fine, I can teach you! Unless you don't want to then we could help Anne in the kitchen." I suggested.

"Um.. Maybe just for today could we help in the kitchen. I'm scared to try swimming." He said embarrassed.

"Of course!" I said.

"Okay it's settled!" Anne said walking back into the room.

"Yaa!" Louis yelled running outside.

We all laughed and the other 2 boys ran after him but Harry stayed back.

"I will meet you in the kitchen." I said to Zayn as he walked to the kitchen.

"Yes Harold?" I said to Harry as he put his lips to my neck.

"Are you sure your not coming?" Harry said.

"No. I don't feel like swimming and because there is 7 of us I think I should help your mom! Plus Zayn needs someone to be his friend." I said smiling as he kissed my neck.

"Fine. I will see you soon." Harry said leaving and going to the pool.

I walked to the kitchen and helped Anne cook dinner.


After we ate I went to my room to check my phone.

When I walked into my room I saw Mage looking through my window. Thankfully she didn't see me, I quick hid behind my dresser and watched her. She had gotten older and must be in her 50 or 60's and she was just sitting there. Like she was waiting for me to come.

Just then I saw her boyfriend, Rick. He was trying to open the window. Luckily I locked it in 3 different places just incase something like this happened. 

I decided I needed to tell the others but I had to be careful of them not seeing me. I slowly crawled to the door and got up and ran to the living room.

"I.. They.. She.. Mage, room, Rick, window.. Help." I tried to say but I was to scared and shaken up.

"What?" Naill said.

"Wait you said Mage!" Harry said running to my room.

"Harry wait!!" I yelled running after him.

Luckily I was fast and caught up to him and pulled his arm back.

"What!?" He yelled.

I jumped with fear, he had never yelled at me before!

"I'm sorry!" He said hugging me.

"They are.. trying to get in.. through.. the.. window.. Rick is with her." I finally managed to say.

By now all the boys and Anne were at the door way of my room. 

Harry told them what was happening, Anne and Liam called the police while Zayn and Niall were trying to calm me down.

Louis and Harry cautiously walked into my room and hid behind my dresser.

Just then I heard a click, click, click. 

Rick and Mage had opened the window..

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