Dear Juliet,

This story is about a girl who wrote a letter to Juliette. She was asking for some help. Suddenly one day "Juliette" replied. It wasn't really Juliette though. It was a kind young woman who was determined to give helpful advice to this brilliant young girl.


1. Dear Juliet, The first letter...

  Dear Juliet,

 I'm in love... Deeply and utterly in love... I need your advise. I want to ask him out, but i'm so nervous. Juliet, you are my only hope. I read about you and I honestly thought it was beautiful and touching. Before I get to far, let me introduce myself. I am Brooke Paisley. I am nineteen years old, have long blonde hair, and I live in Italy. Now, I know they say Italy is supposed to be "the city of love", but it seems for me it is the exact opposite. The guy's name is Alexander. But, you see, he isn't just any guy. He is charming and funny. Every time I am around him I feel as if this is the happiest I will ever get. But, I would be happier if I knew I could stay with him. I want to be with him. But i'm afraid that once I do, our friendship will be ruined forever... Please Juliet, I need you...

              With love and hope,


I sent that letter last year... I didn't know where it was going to. I just wrote "to Juliet" on the envelope. I didn't think I would ever get a response. But, that wasn't the point of the letter. The point was to get the feeling out. But anyhow I would have loved a response. I was about to lose all hope, but then... I got a response. 


  Your story is not uncommon. All it is that you shall need to do is simply put him and yourself to the test. Test the fact that you really love him... Ask yourself "If he died, would you die also..." or "What would you do to be with him?" And "Would you put everything on the line for him?" If you shall answer all answers with a yes then it is certain you are as in love with him as you think you are. Brooke, be careful and test him, make sure he is really the person you think he is. I however, cannot help you with this test. You need to figure it out yourself.... What do you want in him? And test him on that. Brooke, I wish you the best of luck. 

               With love,


This was impossible. Juliet was merely a character from an old book. How could she have found my letter? I needed to know who Juliet was... 



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