The Great Expectations Of Jenna Mounty

Jenna was born of nothing great. Just a poor classed orphaned girl trying to get by. Living with her abusive sister Penny and her passive husband John. But there is a small amount of hope for Jenna. When she is sent to shadow Miss Tomlinson, a woman of higher class and fame. There Jenna meets Miss Tomlinson's oldest son Louis who just happens to be in One Direction, she falls for his masculine and charisma. Jenna starts receiving large sums of money from an anonymous source and as she becomes older, she continues to pursue Louis. But will he ever accept her?
Watch how Jenna progresses from the young stages of her life to the age of 23 and how she changes over time. This story takes place in present day London from when Jenna is about 6 to when she is 23.


2. The First Stage of Jenna's Expectations


My older sister, Mrs. Penny Mouny Joe, was more than 20 years older than I, and had a great reputation with herself and our neighbors because she had brought me up "by hand." I soon found out what that expression meant, and knowing her to not have the softest hands, my body was not in the best condition. She also laid her hard striking hands on her husband John. I suppose both John and I were both brought up by hand.     

     Penny was not a very pretty person. This caused me to believe that my sister had gotten john to marry her "by hand." John was a fair looking man, with ginger curls and and an undeterminable shade of blue eyes he was a kind, sweet, and easy-going fellow. He was strong when it came to lifting things but when speaking up, he was weak.

       My sister, Penny, with black hair and eyes, had such a pale shade of skin that I use to wonder if she had washed herself out. She was tall and bony, and wore a wide variety of sweatpants and tee-shirts. But tonight she wore a blouse and a pair of black jeans as it was Christmas eve. She constantly complained of sore ankles and feet from her cleaning and chores when in reality, she had never broken a sweat at all. 

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