The Great Expectations Of Jenna Mounty

Jenna was born of nothing great. Just a poor classed orphaned girl trying to get by. Living with her abusive sister Penny and her passive husband John. But there is a small amount of hope for Jenna. When she is sent to shadow Miss Tomlinson, a woman of higher class and fame. There Jenna meets Miss Tomlinson's oldest son Louis who just happens to be in One Direction, she falls for his masculine and charisma. Jenna starts receiving large sums of money from an anonymous source and as she becomes older, she continues to pursue Louis. But will he ever accept her?
Watch how Jenna progresses from the young stages of her life to the age of 23 and how she changes over time. This story takes place in present day London from when Jenna is about 6 to when she is 23.


1. The First Stage of Jenna's Expectations

My father's family name being Mounty and my given name being Jenna, my infant tongue seemed to have mashed the two names together so I, and everyone else have come to call me Jem. 

     I only knew my family name because it was written on the tombstone of my father's and because of my sister, Penny Mounty Joe, who married a fryer of McDonalds. I have never met my father or my mother or I have but was too young o recall any memory of them. Any photographs of them have been long lost. The only things i could draw about them were written on their death stones. By the brisk and sharp carvings of the letters on my father's grave, it made me think of him to be short and stout. A man of curly dark hair and perhaps even a mustache or beard. A woman's stone read of "Also Georgiana of the Above," I came to think of her as a quiet and passive woman with messy blonde hair, as I had presumed I might have carried from her, and was a sickly looking gal. I came to the conclusion that "Georgiana of the Above" was my mother for I have never met the woman. Along the graves with my parents, lie the grave of my younger brother who I also have no memory of. 

       I lived in a marsh country, down by the river about 20 miles from the big pond. It was a cold Christmas night. The fog settled  close to the ground surrounding each grave in its mysterious smog. The cemetery was silent like most nights, but I continuously felt an eerie feeling around me. Something was not right. As the environment around me settled in, I filled the silent air with the sounds of my cry. 

"Hold your noise!" cried a terrible voice, as a woman appeared walking in front of the curtain of fog by the side of the church porch where I knelt. "Do you make another sound you little runt or I will make you regret it!" 

     A scary woman, wet from head to toe. Her wet strawberry blonde hair clung to her her face concealing it as if it were a mask. It held tight to her shoulders and chest . She was breathing heavily and looking right down at me. Her jeans were ripped along with her plain white tee shirt. 

"Please don't hurt me," I pleaded my body shivering with terror, "Please!" 

"Tell us you're name!" said he woman. "Quick!" 

"Jem." I stuttered.

"Say it strong girl!" said the woman still staring down at me. 

I swallowed hard. "Jem, I am Jem!"

"Show us where you be sleeping these days!" said the woman. "Point to the direction!" 

Lifting my shaking arm, I pointed to the direction my house was located in. It was not to far from the cemetery I was in now. It was only a few blocks away. 

The woman, after a moment of looking at me, picked me up by the under of my arms and brought me to her eye level. She looked through her hair and into my eyes. She then sat me on the grave of my father and knelt down at me. 

"How old you be? Seven, eight maybe?" she asked her voice remaining scary and terrible. 

I did nothing but shake my head for I was too scared to reply with my words. 

"Well what are you then?" She asked with a threatening shake of her head. Her hair did not move from her face.

"Six." was all I could manage to say without letting out the tears of fear I was struggling to keep in. I turned away from her.

"Now look here." said the woman. "Where is your mother?" 

"Here miss." I said timidly explaining. "Also Georgiana, that is my momma." 

"Oh?" said the woman taking a step back away from me. "Is you're father along with her?" 

"Yeah miss, him too." 

"Ha!" laughed the woman standing straight. "Is that what she be telling you now?" 

"Um, yes miss." I was perplexed as to what she meant by that. 

She held me by my arms again and put me back to my feet. "Don't you tell a soul we were here. Do you understand me?" said the woman speaking rather close to my face. 

I nodded vigorously but did not know who she was accompanied by for I saw no one else but her. With saying that she ran off into disappearing into the fog.

"Good-night Miss!" I shouted after her and then walked the opposite way home.  

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