Totals Sweethearts

This story is about Diana meeting One Direction. Will harry love her or will all the group will? Will there be fights for her???? Tune in!!!!!!


7. Chapter 7


I saw harry go pale and also niall. I felt bad cause i quess they couldnt believe it. Whe the movie started I and Zayn went to the couch and sat down together. I cuddled with Zayn and zayn just smiled when the movie was over. I noticed that all the lads were asleep they all looked cute. I noticed that zayn was a wake he asked me Babe want to go sleep in my room. I said sure why not. We walked hand by hand to his room. when we got there we both laid down i cuddled with him. I told him zayn. he answeredyes love! I love you i told him he answered back i love you too now good nite.


I got sad when i heard diana was dationg zan now I thought she was my Princess. Well i guess i will have to move on! I dreamed about her telling me she was my princess and that she needed me! I gave her this crown that said My Irish Princess!! She loved it! I cant move on she has to be my princess!!!! I screamed I love you Diana!!!!!!

Diana: I heard screaming down stairs i quickly got off zayns bed and went to see who was screaming. When i got down stairs I heard it again i got close to each one to see who it was then i heard it again!  It came from niall i sat there waiting to here it again I heard him say I love you diana! I got scared but i had to wake him up from that dream! Niall I have nandos for you  I said He quickly woke up and said were is it I need them??????

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