Totals Sweethearts

This story is about Diana meeting One Direction. Will harry love her or will all the group will? Will there be fights for her???? Tune in!!!!!!


5. Chapter 5

                                                                          Diana's Pov:

Zayn was so adroable. He was my 2 main one i might fall for him hard. On the car ride zayn kept asking me questions i would think about i and answer. He tried his best for me to try to look into his eyes. I also played hard to get but idk i think i looked into his eyes and BOOM it happen!!!!!!

                                                                         Zayn's Pov:

I know Diana played hard to get i tried for her o look into my eyes ,but i kept failling so ijust kept asking her questions. Finally she made eye contact with me. I leaned in and kissed her! She was shocked but then she kissed back. I pulled away and said i was sorry , but she was smilling. She told me that it was alright and that she enjoyed it. I decide to tell her who i felt even though we just met.

                                                                        Harry Pov:

I got pissed when Zayn told Diana if she wanted to go with him and how she said i couldnt leave louis alone. I cant be mad at her even if i love her i hope nothing happens between those two if not i will have to have a seriose talk with zayn!!!!!!


I cant believe Zayn just kissed me  I loved it i needed to tell him,but he said he needed to talk to me so i just waited for the right time. I had imagined harry being my boyfriend but i quess it might be Zayn. I know h would take care of me no matter what so if he does ask me i will say yes cause when we kissed i felt sparks fly around.

                                                                             Zayn pov:

Okay i will tell her how i feel and ask her if she wants to be my girlfriend even though we just met. I know she is a very sweet girl i can see it in her eyes their brown like mine. Harry probably had lost this one. Diana i need to tell you something. She said whats up???? Look when we first met you i knew you had to be mine cause you are nice and speacial.So i wanted to know even though we just met but you know everything about me will you like to be my gf??? She was shocked but she said YES!!!! she said she wanted to tell me that she loved me! So i quess we love each other and we were meant to be!!!!

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