Totals Sweethearts

This story is about Diana meeting One Direction. Will harry love her or will all the group will? Will there be fights for her???? Tune in!!!!!!


4. Chapter 4

                                           1D Pov:

Lou: Wow she laughed when i said Carrot king.

Liam: She is Kinda hearted by wanting to pay those muffins.

Niall: Her laugh is so cute! She might be my princess!

Harry: I need her to be mine.

Zayn: Wow she is so beautiful i need her!

                        Diana's Pov:

Guys i need to go finish working so i wll be leaving. Bye it was nice meeting all of you lads. Oh, I bowed down nice to meet you too Carrot King. Louis laughed. Niall said, '' Wait can you hangout with us please!!

I couldnt say no to those blue eyes so i said i had to ask cris!

I rushed to talk to Cris. Can i take a break??? Sure you know you only had to cover for 15 mins and u were done so they are over now so yeah. Thank you cris I gave him a huge hug and a peck on the cheek. I ran to the guys table and said Hey he said I didnt have to work anymore cause i was only covering so what are we going to do??

                                                     Zayn's Pov:

We can hang out at my Flat right now. We could play games and watch movies if you want. I wanted to do that with the guys but i quess you can join in to. The guys all said yes and we waited for her to answer she said sure why not. We said okay now we can leave Diana you can come in my car if you want! Harry said, or mine?? Diana answered I choose Zayns car i bet it might be fun and harry you cant leave larry alone. He laughed. Harry got pissed and left with Louis. So when we got in the car I asked Diana about her life an she told me how she loved everything and how she was in dance classes and how also she loves to sing. Well at least i got information before harry!



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