Totals Sweethearts

This story is about Diana meeting One Direction. Will harry love her or will all the group will? Will there be fights for her???? Tune in!!!!!!


3. Chapter 3

                                             Liam's Pov:

Hey Guys. So what did i miss?

Lou: So what did i think her name is Diana tell you???

L: I don't think i should tell you guys cause she has a main one then other 2.

N,Lou,Z,H: TELL US!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fine her main one is Harry ,but she still has other 2 main ones so harry its not luck yet for you.

H: Wow she likes me. Will have to make her mine.

                                                  Diana's Pov:

Oh well now they know who is my fav. I went to go take their teas when it poped to me LOUIS YORKSHIRE TEA!!!!!!! I went to go get it when i got it i took their orders Niall: Iced Tea, Zayn: Coffee, Liam: Iced tea, Harry: Hot Tea, And Louis: Yorkshire Tea. Zayn said correct. Oh and i brought you guys some Muffins i will pay for those so don't worry. Zayn: No way we are letting you pay that for us. Why not i just meet you guys in person and i got you guys this so I am going to pay it okay. Louis: Carrot King says No and its a No. I laughed when Louis said carrot king!!!! (Stop fangirling)

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