Totals Sweethearts

This story is about Diana meeting One Direction. Will harry love her or will all the group will? Will there be fights for her???? Tune in!!!!!!


1. Chapter 1


                                                                           Diana's Pov:

It was just a regular day, I went to my friends family bakery to see Cris and have some tea. When I got there  I asked Cris for some tea. When he brought it i said,''thank you.'' When i was done with it. He asked meif i ould help him today. I said,'' sure why not, plus i need money.

      Cris gave me an apron and told me to go ask customers what they wanted.I decide to start we had a bunch of customers ,but only took orders to go?!

                                                 1D Pov:

N: I am glad you guys chose here cause I am starving!!

Lou:You are always starving!!! XD The whole grup laughed expect Niall. They chose their table and sat down.

H: Guys did you notice the waiter?

N,Lou,L,Z: No why????? Is she cute???

H: Yes! So what should we order???                   

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