Through His Eyes

Its a Niall Fan Fic Just read the story c:


2. The Concert

Niall's P.O.V.


I was eating pizza on the couch backstage, Louis was chasing Liam with a spoon, Harry was laughing at them, and Zayn was looking in the mirror. Louis needs his own comedy show, Harry needs a dating show thingy, Zayn needs to own a mirror emporium. Liam needs to get over his fear of spoons. They would say i Need a cooking show on the food network. Some people told us to get ready for the concert. in a few moments we were out on stage. I saw the most beautiful girl, she had long Brown hair, crystal blue eyes, and a really cute outfit on. I kept staring at her and i just couldn't stop.


Allison's Point of view

**Alberta is going to be Allison (her middle name)**

    Niall kept staring at me like i was some cute little kitten. I didnt mind, then a sharp pain in my side. I knew i had a pained look on my face. Mary Kate didnt notice. Then it got harder to breathe, next thing i knew i was on the floor, Mary Kate was trying to help me, Niall was by my side. Then everything went black.



  **** Sorry for the short Chapter***

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