Through His Eyes

Its a Niall Fan Fic Just read the story c:


5. Recovery

Niall's P.O.V.

When I woke up ally was still asleep. She looked so Beautiful when shes sleeping. What am i kidding, shes beautiful all the time. Her eyes fluttered open. Well good Morning beautiful. I told her. She blushed and giggled, gosh she was so cute.


Allison's P.O.V.

Good morning beautiful he told me i started to blush and giggle, she just smiled at me, he was so cute. Your cute you know that? I told him he chuckled and said yea I've been told that. A nurse walked in and told me that i need to get a special brace thingy for the bones that were broken. Apparently they were connected to my spine, that's probably why I couldn't stand out or move in any way. Hmm she was flirting with Niall but he didn't notice he was just watching me. He told her that if she could please stop flirting with him and just help me out. I giggled. She looked shocked, and said I'm sorry Mr. Horan. I wont happen again. When she left I looked at him and said "She got told by Nialler." He laughed. His Laugh was so cute. I giggled. He said that my giggler was so cute and that he bet my laugh was even cuter. I blushed like mad. He told me that there was no need to blush, which made me blush even more. Gosh he need to stop being so cute, eh never-mind he can be cute. I giggled at my though and looked at me like i was crazy. I laughed at his expression, He said: " There's that adorable laugh i was looking for." He kissed me on the cheek. My mom walked in and said awwweee we just  started blushing. She laughed at use and we updated her, she was on her lunch break so she couldn't stay for long. We looked at each other when she left and laughed. A nurse came in with papers so then i could leave.

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