Through His Eyes

Its a Niall Fan Fic Just read the story c:


4. News

Niall's P.O.V.


I felt so bad for her, she watched her dad die trying to protect her. Getting bullied and abused by this Milly girl. If i ever meet this Milly person i'm gonna give her a piece of my mind. They took her tor some x-rays. Her mom got a call from work so she had to leave. I put my head in my hands and a few tears escaped my eyes. Liam told me that everything will be okay. "But what if it isn't!" I started to get angry. Harry told me to calm down. I screamed at Harry. Once i realized what i had just done i said that i was sorry. The nurse came back and told us that the kick was so hard that it bruised the bottom of her lungs and broke some bones.


Allisons P.O.V.

I herd the nurse say some thing about bruising and broken bones. I got scared, Niall came in his eyes were red and puffy like he had just been crying. I thought it was sweet. I asked him whats wrong with me. He said nothing your beautiful. I giggled. I said "thank you" I got a serious look on my face as his ocean blue eyes went to the floor and he was blushing at what he had just said about me and how i reacted. " Seriously Niall, just tell me." Hios eyes started to get wattery, He told me what was wrong. He started to cry, he said "sorry" and was about to walk out. Niall come here." I said. He walked over to the bed. "don't be" I told him I kissed his cheak and asked him if he would stay. Hes said yes and blushed mad. I blushed too. I asked him what time it was. He said Mid-night and that I should be going to sleep. I nodded and smiled at him and drifted in to a deep sleep. I had a night-mare. I was being abused y Milly and her friends were calling e a worthless slut. I started to scream.


Niall's P.O.V.

  I woke up to Alberta screaming. She has a cute name.  I ran over to her and shook her. when she woke up she looked terrified. "please dont hurt me"  She said. "Alberta i wouldnt hurt you. "h-How do you know my name??" she asked me


"Your mom told me."

"oh can you call me Ally?" 

"Yea sure." I smiled at her                               "I love you" I whispered to her. She started to blush, she was so cute. "i love you too Niall.." she said. And we both fell back asleep.



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