Through His Eyes

Its a Niall Fan Fic Just read the story c:


3. Hospital

                                                                            Niall's P.O.V.


   I saw her with a hurt expression on her face, I didn't like it,then she fell on to the ground and i jumped off the stage. I rushed to her and screamed "CALL THE AMBULANCE". I used her phone to call her mom. I got into my car and drove to the hospital. I asked the lady at the front desk  what room she was in, since i didn't know her name, the lady couldn't tell me. A lady walked in who looked just like the girl. "Which room is Alberta Highton in?" She asked the lady at the desk. "She is in room 219 on floor 2." said the lady at the front desk. "thank you" Said her mom (at-least i think its her mom). I got in the elevator with her. She glanced at me, then she looked. She almost passed out. "Hi, are you her mom" i said , I handed her the phone. She said: "yes, and Thank You, Niall.". I said "your welcome."  I had called the boys and they were on their way. When the  boys got there she fluttered her eyes open. 


                                                                                  Allison's P.O.V.


   When i woke up One Direction was in my room along with my mom. I asked her why they were here and where was I. 


"Your in the hospital Hun, The boys were worried.. Especially Niall." She Winked

"Oh, Okay"

I started crying, Niall rushed to my side. All the memories came flooding back. My dad dying, Milly's constant bullying and abusing. I told my mom EVERYTHING. Niall looked like he was gonna cry so did the rest of the boys. Things started beeping and i freaked out. I thought i was about to die as my breathing started to get heavy. I wanted to know whats wrong. Nurses rushed in and started  fiddling with the machines. The nurses brought in a new machine and hooked it up. They said it was just a Malfunction. I sighed in Relief.

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