Through His Eyes

Its a Niall Fan Fic Just read the story c:


6. Going Home

*This is what happened to Ally's Dad (It is a bit graphic so if you have a weak stomach don't read) There what a robbery at her old house.  The man had a knife. (this is the graphic part) She was forced to watch as her dad got butchered. His organs were flying every where. His heart hit her fce. She was crying and screaming to stop. Her mom was able to call the police and when the police got there the robbers wernt able to do anymore damage*


Ally's P.O.V

       I was happy to go home and see Lilly, our dog. I can't go to school til next Friday,so its MILLY FREE WEEK! Happy dance! Niall was driving me home, he would glance at me every once in a while. He was careful driving with me in the car. I bet he would be speeding if I wasn't in the car. We arrived at my 2 story pale green house. We went up to my room, which was a pastel blue. 


Niall's P.O.V

       We arrived at her house. It was a  light green.  We went to her room and I helped her put some of her Get well soon Teddy bears and cards away. I laughed because two of her walls were filled with One Direction Posters.



* Since its been a long wait I'll post this half of the chapter* *I've been sooo busy with projects homework my mom was on business for a week so I was unable to get to a computer*

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