Kiss my Butt

Jerks 4 YOLO "y you no favorite?"


23. Yep.


Calm down bro it's not the olympics, just P.E.


Hearing noises when home alone and accepting the fact you're gonna die.


Teenagers are treated like children but expected to act like adults.


Being the unattractive friend is not easy. I mean give me some credit here.


I always wake up with a new hairstyle.


I don't always have time to study but when I do, I don't


Wow, I finally understand math! *moves to next ques.* What the?!?!


When did we replace "said" with "was like"?


Don't lie to the people who trust you. Don't trust the people who lie to you.


We all have that friend who LOVES to eat but NEVER gets fat.


There's always that one girl in the class who's obsessed with horses. *That awkward moment when that person is you* LOL


That moment when the sweet and forgiving person gets pushed too far and SNAPS.






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