Kiss my Butt

Jerks 4 YOLO "y you no favorite?"


15. Even More Jokes! and Messed Up Stuff

- I'm in a serious relationship with my wi-fi

you might say we have a connection


- What is the difference between me and you...

Im better than you, better than you, and what was that last oh im better than you


- Man: I asked you two girls to prom in highchool but you refused. Well you know im okay with it now do you know why

Two Girls: Why?

Man: Because your fat

Two Girls: Your fat too

Man: Well i kept my figure since high school, why couldn't you


- Little girl walks up to you and starts crying

you say.. dont worry i just wanna eat you in a deep voice


-Yo mama so short she drowned in a puddle


-Yo mama's teeth is so yellow she took the suns job


-Yo mama's so stupid she brought a spoon to the super bowl


-Yo mama's teeth is so yellow she makes 2 chainz jealous


-Yo mama's so fat when she went skydiving and landed half the world and its population decreased


-Yo mama is so ugly chucky runs away from her


-Yo mama is so fat when she took ten steps she made a continental drift


-Yo mama is so fat when she farted hurricane sandy came


-Yo mama is so poor she couldnt afford dirt


-Yo mama so old she breathes out dust

-Yo mama so old when she got up someone asked who is crumblin paper


-Yo mama so fat and poor you can sleep in her belly button


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                                          #1 anime freak





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