Kiss my Butt

Jerks 4 YOLO "y you no favorite?"


19. A quote by the one and only anime freak...*UGH* JJ

Quote : I wish my parents had no one to compare me to.


~ To Themselves

They compare me to themselves, uh its disgusting. 

They are old ~ I'm not

They are wrinkly ~ i am not

They are tacky ~ whereas i have style

Their jokes are corny ~ while my jokes at least make a little sense

~To My Siblings

They compare me to my siblings

They are ugly ~ I'm cute (I mean, did you see yourself this morning or did the mirror already break)

They have no style ~ I do

They are $#@& ~ I'm not

They are mad rachet ~ I ain't

They are retarded ~ I'm not, I'm Untarded

The only thing i am proud of, for being compared to them is because I look way better than them

Just Kidding! LOL


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