Only You

Celia has to stay with her cousin, Harry, and his friends for the summer. After a while of getting to know the guys, she falls head over heels for Louis. But there's only one problem.....Harry doesnt want anyone to touch his cousin. Will she admit her feelings to Louis or will Harry ruin it all?


2. Meeting the Boys

           Celia's P.O.V.:

                            I can't believe that's Harry! He's so different! I rubbed my sleepy eyes. I don't think Harry knew that I was awake because he picked me up and brought my into his house. It was huge! I heard some ruckus from upstairs and figured it was his friends. They came running down the stairs. "Shhh! She's asleep!" yelled Harry. They all looked at me and nodded. My eyes were squinted so I could see. He carried me upstairs and into his bedroom. He put me on the bed, put the blankets over me, and gently closed the door behind him. I eventually fell back asleep.

          Harry's P.O.V.:

                           Celia's changed so much since last time I saw her. After I left the room, I went downstairs to have a talk with the boys. "We have one rule, and if you break it, I will break you." The boys looked a little frightened. "What's the rule?" asked Niall. "NOBODY touches my cousin, you got it?" I said. They all nodded, but Louis looked a little unsure. I ignored it and made us all sandwiches. 

                            About an hour later we heard Celia come out of my room. "Shhhh! Everyone hide!" I whispered to other boys. We all hid and Celia came downstairs. "Harry? Where are you? I swear, if you're hiding from-" I went behind her and threw her over my shoulder and ran around the house. "AAHHHH! Put me down Harry!!!!!" she screamed as she giggled. "Nope!!!" I said. The boys were laughing really hard. Eventually, I put her down. She started to laugh too. "Hello!" I said. I gave her a big hug. "Hi! Please don't do that again!" she said. I laughed and said, "This is Niall, Liam, Zayn, and Louis.". She smiled and said hi to them. "So, what do you want for dinner?" I asked her. "Ummm.....I'm not sure. You guys choose. I like everything." "NANDO'S!!!!!!!!" screamed Niall. "I love Nando's!" said Celia. "Nando's it is!" I said, grabbing my coat. 

           Louis' P.O.V.:

                              Celia is amazing. I wish Harry wasn't so overprotective about her. She could love who ever she wants to love. I guess I was just gonna have to deal with it for now. 

                               We got into the car. The only seat left was next to Celia. I sat down and on the entire ride to Nando's, Celia and I were talking and talking. We finally got there and got our food. We kept talking. From the corner of my eye, I saw Harry glaring at me. I ignored him and kept talking.

            Celia's P.O.V.:

                                 Louis was so funny! And very talkitive! I think I like him. And I mean LIKE! 

                                  We got back home and we changed into our pj's. Everyone said goodnight and I hugged Louis. Louis hugged me back. Harry cleared his throat and said, "Ok, I think we should go to our rooms." "Where should I sleep?" I asked. "Where do you want to sleep?" asked Harry. I looked at Louis and gave him the "Can I?" face. He smiled and nodded. I smiled back. "See ya guys in the morning! Night!" I said. I could tell that Harry was very angry.


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