Only You

Celia has to stay with her cousin, Harry, and his friends for the summer. After a while of getting to know the guys, she falls head over heels for Louis. But there's only one problem.....Harry doesnt want anyone to touch his cousin. Will she admit her feelings to Louis or will Harry ruin it all?


1. Morning News

           Celia's P.O.V.:

                        I woke up and got up. It was 9:30. Then I realized that it was the first day of summer! I was going to have so much fun! Going to the forest with my friends, going to Starbucks, going to- "Celia! Come down here! I need to talk to you!" screamed my mom from downstairs, interrupting my thoughts. I threw on my slippers and went down the stairs. "Yeah, Mum?" "I have to go on a business trip to California in America for the summer." "What?!" "Now wait a second, sweetie. You have two choices. You can either come with me or go to Manchester to live with your cousin Harry and his friends."  Harry and I used to be so close when we were five. But it's been fourteen years since I've seen him. He's part of a famous band called One Direction. I'm not a huge fan of them. "Ummmmm....." I paused. "I guess I'll go live with Harry. Does he know?" I asked her. "Yeah. I talked to him and he said that it was perfectly fine. Ok, I'll call him and you go upstairs and get ready. Bring clothes and don't forget your toothbrush!" she said.

                        After about an hour, I got into the car and listened to my iPod. I eventually fell asleep on the ride. When I woke up, I saw Harry opening the car door.


Sorry that this chapter is so short! I would write more but I gotta go to bed! Night Night ppl!

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