Nothing Like Us (sequel part 1)

Sequel to nothing like us enjoooy! :)


3. father and son talk

*justin`s pov* I get in the car with Drew and help him put on his seat belt, and drive out the drive way.

Justin: Drew...did you really hear me and your say that?

Drew: Yesh...what were you doing?

Justin: we were playing a game that only big people play-adults mostly.

Drew: what game is it?

Justin: well, it really doesn`t have a name to it. It`s basically a competition between two people privately.

Drew: what`s the competition?

Justin: well, uhmm, psssshhhh....who can yell and scream and shout the most and the loudest more wins.

Drew: is it fun?

Justin: Ohhh yeah. But you`re not old enough to play so don`t even think about telling your friends about it.

Drew: ok. Dad?

Justin: yeah?

Drew: how old do you have to be?

Justin: Don`t wory about ok?

Drew: ok. it sounds really fun. i wanna play but i guess im not old enough.

Justin: *parks in school parking lot* Have fun at school, and try to stay out of trouble.

Drew:ok. *does hand shake with justin*

Both: SWAGGY!!! *hugs eachother*

Drew: *runs to school*

Justin: that`s my boy

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