Nothing Like Us (sequel part 1)

Sequel to nothing like us enjoooy! :)


2. 5 years later

5 years later....

Justin and drew run to kitchen and sits at the island, watching sarah cook breakfast.

Justin: hey, watch this. *picks up grape* *flicks it at sarah*

Sarah: *catches it in her mouth*

Drew: rhoa! how did you do that daddy?

Justin; me and your mom took some practice while we were teenagers.

Sarah: Justin!

Justin: what?! it`s true!

Sarah: *gives justin his plate*

Drew: mommy, i want cereal, i dont like eggs or- or-or waffles.

Sarah: ok, what kind?

Drew: Captain crunch!

Sarah; ok. *pours cereal and milk, gives it to drew*

Drew: thanks, mo-*spills bowl over* oh, shit! fuck, im sorry mom.

Sarah: Drew Justin Bieber!!! where did you hear thaht kind of language?

Drew: daddy.

Sarah: Justin...

Justin: sorry, it might have slipped once or twice.

Drew: you said it too mommy.

Sarah; when?

Drew: last night. you both were like: oh, shit,baby, dont stop dont stop!" and daddy was like 'fuck me fuck me hard! ride me, dont stop"

Justin: okaay, time for school! hop in the car!

Drew: *grab bookbag and runs outside*

Jarah: rock paper scisors!

Sarah: ha! paper covers rock! go talk to him, while i clean this mess up.

Justi: ok, love you! *goes to car*


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