She's not afiaid

Ariana goes threw a hard time


2. whats wrong with austin


- Chapter 2 -


I was in the middle of math class, praying to god that the stupid teacher didn't call my name. I had no idea what we've been covering for the last two weeks . . . Probably is the reason why I've been falling this class since the beginning of the year. But nobody cares, to help or get me help. It's like whats the point in coming to this class if all I'm doing is falling. Well, i need it to graduate.. Only two more years of stupid high school.



I looked up from my desk, to see Austin looking across at me. He's always sat by me in English class . . . He flashed a little smile and then faced the board, i really wish i knew why he stormed off like that when I told him about Dylan taking me to formal. To be honest; i figured he would be happy for me. I guess I was wrong. I was flicking my pencil up and down wishing the stupid bell would ring already. I was ready for lunch . . . HUNGRY.



"Austin? Can we talk after class..?" i whispered.

"I guess . . . Everything okay ?" he asked.

"Yeah , just want to have a little talk. Okay?" i said looking back at the board.


The bell had, finally rung . . . I grabbed my books and phone , rushing out the door . Next stop my locker then the lunch room , i swear I'm like never feed right at my house. Psht, probably not because nobody cares about me . . I miss my mother so much. I saw, Austin at his locker. So i decided to walk up to him. He didn't even look over at me. This was starting to make me mad . . . . Why wouldn't he talk to me ?


"Austin , what's wrong with you ?" i asked.

"Nothing! Why do you keep asking me that?!" he shouted.

"Because every since i told you about Dylan . . You've been avoiding me." i stated.

"Wanna know why i've been like that?!" he said.

"Yeah actually , i do wanna know . . . We're not suppose to keep secrets from each other. Best friends?" I said.


"Well I've been keeping this from you, for about 5 years now ." he said looking down.

"What are you talking about , Mahone?" i asked placing my hand on his arm.

"I-I-I-I like you, Ariana . . . Okay? I've had a crush on you for awhile now." he said slamming his locker door.

"A-Austin wait , please!" i said.

"No! I know you don't like me back. Just drop it okay ?" he said walking off.


I saw him , walk off . . . I can't believe he never told me. I mean of course, I've liked him for awhile now, but I've never told him because i didn't know if he liked me back. To be honest; i feel like a completely bad friend because i never gave him the chance to tell me . I screwed up big time.

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