She's not afiaid

Ariana goes threw a hard time


3. my best friend and my boyfriend

- Chapter 3 -


Through the rest of the day, all I could think about was Austin. . We had the last class together which was Algebra. As I walked in I saw him talking to Alex minding my own business I walked right between them and sat down. He looked over a little, the looked back at Alex, what should I say? Of course i like him but it's always been hard to show my feelings. Just tell him already. . He likes you & you like him. So i just decided to text him.


- Text Conversation -



"Look, I'm making this short & easy. . I like you too and I mean alot." i pressed send.


"Why didn't you tell me in the hallway before I walked off?" he asked.

"Because. . I've always been afraid to show my feelings." i stated.

"We'll talk when I drive you home. Okay?" He asked.

"I'd like that alot :)"i replied.

"Bye gorgeous! and we still need to finish that project :)" he replied


I looked up at him, to see him wink at me. . All i could do was blush i wanted this class to be over. I was ready to get out & now the moment of truth was to call off my little date to the dance. Maybe, me and Austin would finally get together only time could tell. He was just amazing in ever way.



"Ariana! What does x+y-2=?" asked the teacher.

"Uhm, would it be 3x?" i asked confused.

"That's correct. . Good job!" said the teacher as the bell rang.


- - - - - - - - -


I grabbed my books & phone, before heading out the class door. I walked to my locker to feel a tight grip around my waist. . I turned to see Austin, he had the biggest smile on his face. I grabbed my backpack and phone before closing my locker. I turned around to meet eye-to-eye with him.


"Why are you smiling..?" i asked.

"Because, the person I've liked for awhile now likes me back." he said kissing my cheek.

"I'm sorry for not telling you sooner." i said looking down.


"Hey Hey, don't be upset okay? We're fine now. . But can i ask you something." he said lifting my chin up.

"Sure, anything. Ask away!" i said smiling.

"Ariana, will you be my girlfriend. . ?" he asked

"I'd be nothing, but happy too." i said smiling.


He pushed a little piece of my hair back, before cupping my cheek. . He soon came closer, until i could feel his warm breath near my mouth. I smiled a little right before he closed the gap between us. Nothing made me more happy right now, this was the perfect way to end my day. He was my best friend & now my boyfriend. . All i could feel were fireworks going off. The kiss was perfect in ever way.


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