She's not afiaid

Ariana goes threw a hard time


1. date with dylan


It was starting all over again . . . The blood dripping down my face, and the yelling coming from my fathers mouth. He once again came home drunk , the third time in a row. My mother was out of town and I had no where to run. He shoved me down on the ground, kicking me in the ribs. Only to hear me cry. Nothing was worse then having your own father , beat you half to death because he never loved you. Was it really my fault, that he didn't?


This all started, the ONE night in my whole life that i came home late from hanging out with a couple of my friends . . . We were all at the movies. It was me, my best friend Austin, his friend Alex, and his girlfriend Jordan. I was suppose to be home at 11:30 and didn't get home until midnight , i tried my hardest to call someone but no one answered then I stepped foot in my house. Thats when it began, he slammed the door and everything went black.


- Chapter 1 -


"Come on, Ariana there's nothing to be afraid of . . . He's just a boy." stated Jordan.

"NO! He's not, i have the biggest crush on him and w-what if he doesn't like me back?" i asked looking at my feet.

"Who wouldn't like you back? . Your gorgeous, funny, and cool to hang out with . . . It's worth a shot" she said.

"If he says no, then I blame you . . . This will be all your fault." i demanded.

"Alright . . Alright if he says no, then you can blame me for it. Deal?" she asked.

I took a step forward, this was my chance to find out if Dylan would be my date to formal . . . It was a week away and the only thing I was missed was a date. But he was the captain of the basketball team and I had no idea, if he liked me back at all . Probably not .


"D-Dylan?" i asked.

"Hey, Ariana . . " he smiled.

"Hi look i wanted to ask you something . " i softly said.

"Sure what is it ?" he asked.

"I was wondering , if you would be my date to the formal . I know it weird that I'm asking. " i stated.

"Sure! I'd love to go to the dance with you . Meet you there at 8?" he said kissing my cheek .


I spun around on my heels, to notice Austin standing there . . . I ran towards him, and wrapped my arms around him. I've known Austin, since I was 2 years old and he was the most amazing friend in the world . Nobody in the world , could replace him.


"Whats with the hugging?" he laughed.

"I got a date , to formal . " I shirked.


"Who?" he asked sitting me down.

"Dylan, i just asked him . And he said yes ." I stated.

"Oh . . . That's great . " he said looking down .

"Are you okay?" i asked.

"Y-Yeah, but i have to go . Okay?" he stormed off.


I had no idea, what was wrong with Austin . . . I figured he would have been happy for me. I mean , I've had a crush on Dylan since the beginning of middle school and just now worked up the nerve to ask him to dance. I know Austin wasn't mad at me or was he jealous? There was no way . . . .

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