Those Three Little Words

Rae is a shy quiet new girl and North High School.
This boy she has a crush on, has every class with her, except band..
Kyle. Rae has the biggest crush on him. If only he knew she existed. He was popular, but shy too. Rae watches him as the single Kyle is as flirtacious as can be.
She has crushed on Kyle the whole school year.
But her best friend in the whole entire world, secretly likes him too.
Will Rae loose her best friend, or the love of her life?


1. Another New School

I pushed open the doors to see a brand new school. This was the second school I've switched to this year. I was bullied so terribly at my other school, I almost killed myself. I got death threats, I had got told that if I died, no one would come looking for me, or care. I thought that was true. I thought everyone hated me. I thought the only way to fix my life was to take it. So one day after school I came home from school, I drank bleach. But not enough to kill me. I thought about, what if I have children. How would my parents feel? But I did it. Luckily, I survived. I was in the hospital for five days, I had to have my stomach pumped. I literally thought I was going to die right then and there. I wanted to. But this is a fresh new start to my life. Kids were crossing every which way to get to homeroom. I put my hood over my head trying not to get noticed. I was wearing my favorite black hoodie with "1D" on it,. I walked to the flight of stairs, I knew running up the flight of stairs wasn't a good idea. But I didn't- couldn't be late on my first day. Some one tripped my, "Hey b*tch! Watch out!" A voice yelled. I felt a hand on my shoulder, I pulled my hood off of my head, I had a scratch from where I hit my head on the stair, "Hey, Are you okay?" I looked up, I saw a gorgeous guy. It was love at first sight. My eyes got locked into his sea blue eyes. Once I could finally look away I rubbed my forehead, "Yeah. Thanks. I'm Raegan, but everyone calls my Rae." I said still looking into his eyes. He smiled, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "I'm Kyle. Don't listen to those guys, there jerks." He flashed me a half smile. "Are you new at North?" He asked. "Yeah." I replied. "You don't talk much, Do you, Rae?" He turned his head looking into my eyes. I looked down and shook my head. The bell rang. "Well, I'll talk to you later, Rae." He turned and ran up the stairs. I slowly followed. When I reached the top, I made a left and saw a sign that said 'Mrs. Kron' I looked at my paper that had all my classes on them, I walked up to my locker and looked down at the thin, pale sheet. "25-1-32. 25-1-32. 25-1-32." I kept repeating in my head as the turned the nob on my locker. It unlocked. I pulled the green locker open. I grabbed my back pack off from my back. I shoved it in. I saw a figure in the corner of my eye. It was him. Was he following me? My head followed him as he walked right past me. I turned my head back to my locker, and shut it. 

I was drawing toward my homeroom. I was already late. Sh*t! I thought. I reached for the chrome colored door nob, and pulled it open. All eyes were on me. I could feel them watching me. I just kept watching straight ahead and took the only empty seat. It was next to this really attractive boy named Cole. I knew he was popular from the moment I took a seat. I sat up straight, and everyone went back to talking, but I could feel Cole still staring. I turned my head, to see him staring at me, "You new?" He asked demanding an answer. I nooded. "Oh, I'm Cole." He said, not smiling, not nothing. Still just staring. "You're cute." He said. My eyes widened. I turned my head. He raised his eyebrows. "Oh, so he's one of those boys.. Sex. That's all they thought about." I said under my breath to my self.

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