Beatrisa's dream come true

Hi my name is Beatrisa Horan and I am 15 years old almost 16, i turn 16 on the 15th November! I have just moved from England in the UK too San Antonio! It's coming up to my first day at a new school and to be honest I am terrified! I have never moved school before, it won't just be a new school it will be my first day at a high school because i was home schooled when i was back in England! I am missing my best friend Ariana Malik so much. She was the only friend I had who I could talk to about anything! I have recently just split up with my boyfriend Liam, he just wasn’t the one! I live with my mum, my dad died last year, he was fighting for our country, god I miss him! I have bright blue eyes, brown hair and I am quite tall! My nickname is Bezzus, that’s it for now ♥


1. firstday of school


*My first day at a new school, I walked through the entrance door it makes it harder knowing its middle of the term (semester) and you dont know anyone*



Random Boy: Hey Hottie

Me: you talking too me *I look around* 

Random Boy: Yeah, you’re so gorgeous, anyway, I am Jordan!

Me: Aww thanks Jordan, hi I am bezzus!Jordan: Oh My God I love you’re eyes!

 Randomer: Jordan stop chatting up that girl, what do you think Emma would say!

Jordan: *turns around* Shut Up!

Me:Who’s Emma?

Jordan: My girlfriend

Me: Sorry I have to go!

*to be honest I didn’t even have to go it is just that It looked as if he was chatting me up and he has a girlfriend, I couldn’t handle him chatting me up everyday! I walk on and open my bright purple bag and take out my timetable, ugh Science first, so I walk to my science classroom and that’s when I saw his face, his handsome face*

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