he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


9. trying to find out.. for myself..this is gonna be hard

i tried to get caley to find out but she cant tell me either. i cant just know, you know. WAIT,what am im out of my mind why on earth would he like me?!, he is thinking im an ugly ,obsessed ,crazed fan. i like them but im not obsessed. now im pacing back and forth luckly no one is on the bus. why?, you might ask well its because they went to practice the concert and the girls went to watch. i didnt or else i would freak out not knowing and also believeing that im here. im just insane right now i think he likes but in reality he doesnt.
it was around 10:00 when everyone got back on the bus and i fell asleep on a booth.

" awwww she sleeping" i whispered said
" yeah " liam said smiling staring
i guess i knd of had a sad look on my face because louis asked
" are you ok man?"
" yeah im fine" i said " why ask?"
" because you kind of had a sad look."
" yeah im fine" i said even though i was lieing.
i like her alot but if i ask her out liam will get mad. uggh this is so hard trying to keep my feelings in!, why is that?

when they came in i woke up to them talking.
" well your alive " said zayn i chuckled a bit
" yeah we'll see about that" i said laughing
i pretended that i was dieing. everyone laughed, i started to. but i felt embarressed and i was blushing in the embaressing way. i walked far from every one else and sat down curled up in the blanket i had. i whispered to my self
" why did i do that i was so stupid "
a tear went down my face. niall came over.

"are you ok?" i asked putting my arm around her pulling her closer.
" ok... but you have to promise not to tell" she said
" promise" i said looking at her smiling
" ok... well.. i like liam but there is no way he likes me ibtried to get emma and caley to find out but they said they cant tell me what they found out" she said having another tear stream down her face" and whay i did earlier just embaressed me, and i tried to find out for myself but its to hard"
" it will be ok " i said looking into her blue blue eyes.
" i hope so " she said laying her head down on me. and she fell asleep.
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