he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


13. she still doesnt remember but it is coming back

when we got back to the tour bus she got more of her memory back, but she still doesnt  remember me. but things got worse. i keep trying to help her remember me. but she keeps thinking im crazy. when she went to bed with emma and caley i talked to the boys.

"guys i have no idea what to do" i said to them

" we dont know eaither" said niall

"we have to figure out something" 

"well maybe you can tell her all thats happened and maybe it will come back"

"we can try"



"guys did she think me liking her was..you know..real"

"she should" said zayn

"yeah zayns right" said harry

"let me go see if shes asleep"

i went and she was in my bed maybe emma and caley put her in there. i seen the were awake. 

'guys im guessing you put her in the bed' 

"no" caley whispered

"what?" i asked

"shes starting to remember you" emma whispered 



i smilied

"hi" i heard logan say

"hi" i said turning around

"come" she said so i walked over and kneeled down

"what?" i whiapered and asked

"are you going to bed?" 

" no ,not yet, why"

"because i want to know what you said is true because i garenteed you that emma and caley pulled ma prank on me because they know i like you"

"you do?"

"you didnt know that"


" no i sware" 

"well now you know and you are going to not like me" she said turning around and starting to cry

i turned her back around.

"no i dont i feel the same way about you"

"sure" she said sarcasticly

"fine you want me to proove it"

"yeah" she said smiling

and i kissed her.

she looked at me suprised. i kissed her again and said "goodnight"

"goodnight" she said

i walked into the room where the boys were smiling. the looked at me shyly.

"what happened?" louis asked

"nothin" i said 

"sure" harry said

"well i can tell you that logan has her memory back, and she likes me, and i also kissed her"

they looked at me.

"twice" i said

"nice " niall said and then we went all to bed

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