he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


6. on the tour bus

i fell right asleep aftr that thought. i heard emma sayingand shaking me" get up get upand guess what we can go on tour with the boys"
" theres no way " i whispered " your playing a trick on me"
" no im not look at the text message. "
it did it said that all our parents agreed! i cant believe it! i looked at the boys who were smiling at me and i smilied back.
" my mom will have to bring our bags amshes on her way!"

" guys did you just see logan, she smilied!" i whispered
" yeah i saw that it made me even want to smile even more" said louis
" i just hope she wants to come on tour with us" i said " i need to make my move soon"

when emmas mom came i got my suit case and put it in the back room where you can put clothes in. it was like 7:00 after getting settled so niall went and got food of course. he came back with mcdonalds. i got some chicken nuggets with fries and a small coke. how origonal when evry one else got like mc chicken and stuff like that. it was around 8:30 and i was worn out. i was so tired i couldnt keep my eyes open. eventually zayn woke me up ad said
"why wont you go to bed"
i shook my head and he lead me to liams which was on the bottom so i was happy i didnt have to go up a ladder.

" wheres logan?" i asked once i noticed she was gone
" she was falling asleep on te booth and i told her to go to bed, i think shes just worn out" said zayn
" yeah once
shes worn out she is tired early " said caley
zayn texted me saying " shes in your bed��"
zayns ad his smirks in his texts and he is smirking now. it was around midnight and every one is still wide awake. then we see logan come in a little sleepy well actually asleep she is still walking though. she sits down next to me and is out like a light bulb. she eventually falls her head on my lap.
" guys look" as i point to logan
" hahaha" emma and caley laugh "there logan for ya"
i pit her to bed and i curl up with her.
" this is it" i thought
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