he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


14. in love

i woke up with logan next to me with her head above mine. 

"good moning " she said

"good morning" i said back. i sat up. i looked into her blue eyes and leaned close. 

"your very beautiful you know that?" i said

she rolled her eyes and was about to get up but i pulled her back down, and kissed her. 

"you got it ?" 

"yeah" she said looking away

i turned her head twords me.

"what?" she asked 

"why are you dening" 

"because its not true!! thats why im ugly you must have drank something for you to like me!"

and she ran off the bus. i ran after her not letting her do something to loose her memory again. i caught up to her and grabbed her.

"let me go!" she said

"no" i said

"yeah" and some how she slipped out of my grip

i ran after her and i found her on top of a steep drop, and i know what she was going to do. 

"dont do it" i said kind of demanding

" i have to every ones life will be better!" she said about to cry

"mine wouldnt!" 

"yes it would how wouldnt it be?!

"it wouldnt by having the one i love die!!!!" 

"no! you can just go run back to who you ever you have, you just pretend to like me love me!!! its  not real!! now good bye"

just before she jumped i grabbed her and hugged her. she started to sob. i had her look at me.

"now listen i loved you from the start, i saw you fell in love with you. your beautiful ,your funny. thats all i ever wanted. you are the girl i have been searching for. now im not going to let any thing happen to you."

"is that true?" she asked

"yes, why wouldnt be? he made that speech for you made of feeling" i heard emma say "and girly why would you want to kill yourself?

logan just looked away. i looked back to where emma came from and all the guys and caley came out. they ran to her and made a group hug. 

"now dont you ever do that again you hear me" caley said

logan shook her head and we all headed back to the bus.

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