he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


12. Helping memory back..I love her!

"oh no!" I said pacing back and forth in the room
"are you ok?" asked Emma
" no she lost her memory now she doesn't know who I am so she will never love me, like she does now but" I said worried
" look as long as she doesn't have her memory I can tell you this" said Caley
" no we can't tell him Logan will eventually get her memory back then she'll be mad at us" said Emma quietly so that I could not hear but it didn't work.
"we have to " Caley said
" fine" Emma said but wasn't with the plan
" Liam " Caley said
"yes " I said
" Logan is in love with you"
"what ever" I said
"no really she does when me and Emma came over to you about you liking her she was the one that sent us, she doesn't think you love her she tries to believe it but she can't "
"really, all this time I thought she didn't "
"well now you know "
I was thinking to myself how are we going to get her memory back?will it come back on its own? So many questions are going through my head.

Wait! I think I know those two girls its coming to me!
"Emma Caley is that you?" I asked
They all looked at me.
"YES!" they both said excitedly
" she's getting her memory back!" Said that cute boy (Liam)
" nurse" yelled Emma
The lady came in and it was the one with the angel voice.
" yes" she said
" she's getting her memory back!" Emma said excitedly.
" yes I see but if you want to get her memory fully back you have to bring in the rest of the boys"
" ok , thank you and you have a pretty voice "
" I know right!" I said loudly
The nurse smiled and said
" thank you" and left

I called the rest of the boys and told them what happened and told them what to do. They came in like five minutes.
" hey Logan " Niall said in his announcer voice
She giggled " hi...um.....Niall ?"
" yes!" Niall said excitedly
" hi Logan " Harry said
" hi ...Harry?" She asked
" yes " Harry said
" heeeeyyyaaaa" said Louis
" heya.....um..uh..Louis" she said concerned
" yes!" Said Louis running and hugging her
She giggled
"Hey Logan" Zayn said
"Hi Zayn " logan waved
"yeah!" Zayn said
"now do you remember me ? Logan?" I asked
"what?!" I said worriedly " how do you not?"
" no I don't " she looked at me sad like she hurt me
"we'll do you know what our band is called?"
" no I never heard of a band"
" oh no " now I'm pacing back and forth fast " what are we going to do?"
" Liam! Calm down " Niall said grabbing me
" guys we have to get her memory back......I love her I will do any thing for her"
"we will do everything to get it back"
" well I will let you take her out of the hospital since she is back almost to normal" the nurse said
" the pretty voice" Logan said smiling
"come on Logan" she got out of the bed and changed her clothes to normal
She looked so pretty. She wore her hat with a t-shirt that said " 1D" and shorts with rips and Jordan's.
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