he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


8. finding out .... well sorta

thats all i been thinking about. so i asked emma and caley
" guys can you find out and see if liam likes me? i know he proabably doesnt but!"
" its worth it" said emma
i smiled and shook my head yes.
" you didnt hear anything" i said pointing at the both of them
they rolled their eyes chuckling. i went talk to caley so emma can work her magic.

emma came to me and sat down.
" so " she said " i've been seeing you staring at logan" smiling at me
i just stared at her.
" i see so i think you like her" she said
" no " i said i already have a girl friend
" oh ... ok this is sadness" she said sadly
she starts to get up.
"wait!" i said
she turned around
" what " she said
" ..... i like her ok.. just dont tell her... please" i said
" fine i wont " she smiled and walked away
she went and sat down next to logan. who was laughing at pictures caley was showing. i smiled. but does she like me or does she not.

"well" i whispered to emma
" umm.. i cant tell you but i did find something" she said
" what?"
" i cant tell you sorry"
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