he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


11. finding me with out memory


"can we come with?" asked emma and caley

"sure" i said

there is a big,huge,woods next to our bus.

"she could be anywhere" said emma

the woods were dark and had tons of bushes and trees. but that where she has to be, this is the only place she can hide.

we wondered for hours looking around. we had flashlights bevause like i said the woods were dark and we had to watch out for ther animals and people also. i checked my phone, it was 3:00 in the after noon. we been almost gone for 7 hours.

"guys what if she got kiddnapped or something like that?" i asked

"we would hear her scream she has one of the loudest screams" caley said 

"okay" i said kind of believeing her.

then we saw something we went closer to it. we saw it was logan, i dropped my flashlight and ran twords her hugged her. i looked into her eyes they were a mixture of suprise and alot of pain. i seen she had scratches,cuts,bruises,scrapes all over her, she also looked pale, i mean really pale.

"guys i think we need to get her to a hospitwl" i siad looking at niall,emma,and caley.



i woke up in a hospital, which i think it is. i sat up looking around. i tried getting up but a person came i think it is a girl is what you call that certain person. she put me back on this thing.

"where am i?" i asked

"you are in the hospital sweetie" she said in the most kindest,sweetest,softest voice i have ever heard. it was like an angel.

then 5 um..... boys thats what they are and two more girls came in. 

"are you ok?" one of the boys asked

"yes" i said

" yes logans ok " he said to the rest of the people

"who is logan?" i asked which i had no idea who he/she was.

they looked at me in suprisement. 

"what?" i asked 

"you dont know who you are?" asked one of the girls

i chuckled "no" 


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