he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


7. does he like me or not " why would he like me"

i woke up this morning with logan still sleeping it was only like 8:30. i got up and every oneelse was awake and eating breakfeast. after five minutes she came in with a blanket wrapped around her.
" good morning pretty angel" said niall

" what ever" i said smiling to respond the words niall said
they all laughed. l rolled my eyes chuckling. i got breakfeast. and sat down i was quiet. every one just stared at me.
" what?" i asked
" shes fianally talking!" yelled harry
" yes,yes i am " i smiled at him
he smiled back. when i was done eating, i said
" emma, caley can you pick out my clothes while i take a shower?"
" yeah, sure" they yelled back.

"oooooooo shes taking a shower!" i thought " NO! thats a bad impression i want her its like love at first sight"
" soo emma and caley..... what is she going to wear?"
" umm?..... why? ..liam" said emma kind of scared and worried.
" no reason...." he said smirkin
ahe just stared at me wide eyed. and said "ok?"

i got out of the shower and walked by the boys ad they were staring. i quickly got into the bathroom with my clothes. emma and caley picked out a red tanktop with dark jean shorts and a cream cover that went at least 2 inches past my shorts. i dried my hair and waved it. i ame out and everyone stared at me. i sat next to liam trying not to act like it on purpose i tried to make it as just sitting. i can feel liam causual starinn at me from time to time. also his arm is on top of my seat right behind my head.
" i wonder if he likes me" i thought " NO! how stupid why would he like me?"
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