he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


4. backstage

" get ready guys" i said
" ready" they said
when we walked out we heard screams except for the girl i like she just smiled like she was embaressed to scream

they walked out everybody screamed. but i was too embaressed to so i smiled and jumped up and down. liam kept looking at me , wait who am i kidding he wouldnt be looking at me, he would be looking at emma or caley that are screaming their heads off.

that girl is so pretty but liam likes her i cant steal her from him then i would just be a bad mate.
" how are yas we were sitting in the front row waiting for the concert to start we were watching all the fans come in.
" wow look at all those pretty girls out there if there was a pretty and beutiful scale i would be and the bottom i mean low low bottom" i said sadly
" logan you are pretty and beautiful,ok? you have a great personality, you have good humor you are sensitive and sweet kind." said emma
" thanks but.... it cheered me up a smige"
as we were sitting there i felt like some one was watching me. it was uncomfterable.
" guys do you feel like some one is watching you?" i asked
" no,why?" asked caley
" i just feel uncomfterable like someone is watching me"
" well someone could just be stareing at you to see if they know you"
" yeah your proabably right"
but she wasnt after five minutes i still feel like some ones watching me. im looking at the stage trying to believe im here. then as im looking around i see the curtain open and ita the boys looking to see the crowd but i see one of the boys staring at me. i cant tell who it is though because i dont want to give away that i know they're there. as i turn back the curtain quickly moves back.

"hey guys, i think i have a crush!"
" what?!" they all said
" yeah if you open the curtain a little bit she is in the front row with the hat and a red plaid shirt."

so they all did
" yeah i do think she is cute" said niall
" you see i dont know what to do" he said nerviously
" well you can talk to her after the show or give her signs" said harry
" yeah maybe" g tonight ?" i asked for the crowd
im just kind of sad that i cant have that girl

the girl i have been waiting for. right there. i have to give her some sign. i know i keep going by her its like flirting.
" hey guys the first song were going to sing is... what makes you beutiful"

" there singing one of my favorite songs" i said

" your insecure, dont know what for your turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or dont need make up to cover up being the way that you are is eno-o-ough" i sang going by that girl and looking at her. her eyes are so blue and her smile, i also love her freckles.

i sang along with liam even though imhave a ugly voice. then they sang moments my favorite somg by them. i sang a long with them. after about an hour they had to end the concert. i was bummbed. on the way to back stage i was singing moments and one thing because they were stuck in my head. people kept coming up to me and say " wow your really good" or " your amazing you need a record deal"! i just laugh and say "thanks".

" do you hear that voice?" i asked the boys
" yeah" said niall "its really good"

i was singing in a place where no one is and just sat in the floor with my back and head against the wall. i started to sing my own song i made up of how i like this person and he never notice me or want me.

we followed the voice and it lead us to the girl. i could not believe it! she was amazing! we hide to where she cant see us but we can see here. she was singing about a guy who would never notice her or want her.
" guys dont you know what she is singing about ?" i asked
" yeah" they all said
" also look at her eyes they're tearing up and her voice is starting to crackle." said niall

i was sitting there singing when emma and caley told me to come on and come meet te boys.
" fine " i said
and got up and they were standing right there i could feel my eyes widen.
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