he never notice me or want me

this story is about a girl named logan who is 13 and she is in love with liam from one direction but she thinks that every tome e sees her he just doesnt care or wants her or she thinks.


5. back stage to tour bus

after meeting one direction and tslking to them, well i didnt at all i am a shy person when it come to new people and celeberties. i just dont want to mess up and im just not comfterable. also all through the backstage thing i had that feeling that someone was watching me. so i was looking around if i seen anybody.
" looking for someone?" asked niall
i shook my head and turned it to the floor, with my left arm holding my right by the elbow. i wanted to run away so so badly because they're proabably thinking like why isnt she talking thats rude or something like that, so when they all turned to where they cant see me i ran to where i was before but deeper into the opening to where its hard to find me.

" wheres your friend?" asked niall
the girls where looking around, they were also mumbling to each other.
" we'll go find her" they said
" can we come along with?" i asked
" sure" one of them said
as we were looking i saw a figure deep in the opening i saw earlier with the girl singing. i went back to the boys and those girls and i said
" i think i found her"
so they followed me and sure enough sh was there but it looked like she had cried and was about to fall asleep. the girls huged her and said " we better get going"
so one of the girls pulled out a cell phone and was calling her mom and the other girl went but the beautiful girl was leftjust standing there. i smiled. but she went over to the wall and sat down. we went over to her. shd kind of looked up at us, then quickly looked back down. niall sat down beside her.

i sat down beside her.
" are you ok?" i asked
she turned and looked at me with tears in her eyes and looked back down. she took her at off, looked at it and put it on the ground.
the girls came in and said
" my mother will be here in about an hour"
" what is your names by the way?" i asked hoping to get the girl to talk.
the one with a harry shirt said " im emma"
the one with the stripped shirt said " im caley and thats logan" she pointed to the girl.
she looked at us and once we looked at her she turned away.
" you guys want to come on the tour bus with us while your waiting. emma and caley said "yes" .

" what?!?!" i thought in my mind. i shook my head slighty as a no to emma and caley.
emma texted me saying" you have to come!"
" fine im just going to screw things up" i texted back.
i got up and followed them and i could not believe im going on there tour bus but we are not the only ones that have gone on it. we stepped in and it was huge. in the back was the beds then was the seats witch were like booths and some had tables some did not and there was also a fridge and a pantry! it was cool. i sat the farthest away though i felt like i was in something. the boys keep looking back at me. and talking to emma and caley.
" how do they do that ?" i thought
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