The Geek

Ulissa Simmons is the major geek at West Monroe High School. Her closest --and only-- friend is Destiny. Unlike Ulissa , Destiny is actually pretty popular. Ulissa just wants to fit in, but will doing this be worth it?


2. Lunch Table


I stretched my arms, before turning off my alarm. I got up, went to brush my teeth and then got dressed into this :


I looked in my bathroom mirror , and there was a note. I snatched it off, reading it:

On your dresser, I left you the makeup that would match with your outfit and I think your hair... , you will be pretty capable of that. Surprise me! I couldn't wait around because Harry was waiting for me. See you at school :)

I walked out of the bathroom, and looked down at my dresser. She left me a dark red lipstick, with eyeliner, mascara, and light brown eye shadow. I applied it to my face, but then look at my hair. I curled it , twisting the sides and bobby pinning them to the side of my head. I grabbed my book bag, heading downstairs.


My little sister was already downstairs, "Aren't you going to be late for school?" I asked a little worried, grabbing the orange juice carton and drinking out of it. She grabbed her bag, looking at me in awe, "Yeah..I was heading to school right now..but what happened to you?"

"What, is something wrong with my hair, or make up?" I panicked. What if I didn't apply it right. She shook her head," No, no, no, it looks all fine. You just look a good way." She smiled before heading out the door. "Can you pick me up after school! Kay, thanks!" The door slammed behind her.

I smiled, grabbing my bag, I headed to my car. I turned the engine on, and made my way to school. I parked in my usual spot, getting nervous. What's wrong with me? Why am I even nervous, all I did was just change my style to something more modern. I grabbed my bag and stepped out of my car.

A girl in my 2nd period came up to me, eyeing me. "Uh, someone parks with the same exact car.." she tapped on my car. I slung my bag over my shoulder, "No..I always park here?" I walked around her and went to the usual spot I met up with Destiny. She jumped up, overexcitedly, "OH MY GOD, LOOK WHAT A SEXY BEAST YOU ARE!" I slapped her arm, she stopped jumping. "Okay, well I have bad news for you." she said while we walked to our lockers. 


She stopped walking once we reached our lockers, and turned to face me, putting her hands on both my shoulders, "Don't get mad. You promise." I shrugged her off, "It depends on what it is...and its not sounding very good." I opened my locker, grabbing my books. "Well..Harry's going to sit by us now, and...his friends are too.. BUT DON'T GET MAD--"


I slammed my locker, a little too loud. I had attracted attention, getting cold stares. "What? Did you beg him? Because he never bothered us once about sitting with us." I rage whispered in her ear. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Harry, but I wouldn't be able to bear to see Destiny and Harry get lovey dovey in front of me. I started walking off, but Destiny caught up to me. "Um correction, you mean sitting by me, and maybe I did beg him a teensy bit, but please do this for me! Admit it, his guy friends are cayuuuute, and our table is pretty lonely." I sighed, "Fine...your lucky I love you." I rolled my eyes while she did her happy dance. 




I set my tray down at our table, taking a bite out of my pizza. I was expecting for Destiny to be here soon, but was surprised when Harry's friends sat down at our table. Louis sat by me, Zayn sat in front of me, Niall, sat beside Zayn, and Liam sat beside Niall. "Where's Destiny and what have you done to her?" 

The guys all stared at me, making me feel awkward, but then they burst into laughter. Louis held up his hands, "We haven't done anything, miss. Harry and Destiny went to McDonald's for today and well we were told to sit here today." I looked at all they guys, as they all nodded agreeing. Louis reached over to my tray grabbing my carrots.

"So.." I felt nervous. I wasn't good around guys, especially cute ones. I turned to the socially awkward geek I really was underneath this make up.

Zayn chomped on his sandwich peacefully, while Niall was already finishing all the food on his tray. "You're hot." Louis said.

I glared down at him, "You don't call a girl hot."

"Fine then, you're fine."

"You don't call them that either."




I rolled my eyes, "You call a girl beautiful." I jabbed a celery stick at him.  He shrugged, "Who would've known." Zayn raised up his hand.

"You don't count." Liam said.

"OMG, I know what we could doooooo. We could play a 'Who do you like?' game!" Louis said in a gay voice. My eyes widened, these guys were just pushing it too far. "No, I'm trying to eat." I pulled my tray close. "No worries, we have someone who can help you with that." Louis said, Niall grabbed my tray and jammed everything in his mouth within a few seconds. He wiped his chin off with a napkin, before smiling at me innocently. "Your welcome." Niall said.

Louis faced towards me , leaning in really close, "Who do you like?" He nudged me softly. I pushed him away. 

"Someone." I fiddled with my fingers. Louis looked at all the guys, "Is he with us right now?" I shook my head, but then stopped. I couldn't drop off hints. No one knew who I liked and I didn't intend to tell anyone. I couldn't let it get around to Destiny's ears. "Let's leave it here, I have to go do something." I got up leaving my tray. "We'll see you tomorrow then!" Louis shouted behind me. Damn. I forgot they were going to be sitting with us now. 

Shit, as long as I can keep my mouth shut, without feeling pressured, I won't let anything slip...hopefully

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