The Geek

Ulissa Simmons is the major geek at West Monroe High School. Her closest --and only-- friend is Destiny. Unlike Ulissa , Destiny is actually pretty popular. Ulissa just wants to fit in, but will doing this be worth it?


1. Pilot

"Don't forget to pick your little sister up after school!" my mother shouted, heading out the door. I nodded, waving her off. I packed my little sisters lunch, stuffing it in her backpack. I headed to my room, getting ready for school. I wore this:


I grabbed my bookbags, then headed back downstairs. I set my bag down, reaching for a bowl, and served myself cereal. I plopped down on a chair, eating slowly. My little sister trotted down the stairs, with her iPhone in one hand. She giggled as she text'd to someone, she grabbed her backpack, and slung it over her shoulder. She was 13, more like a pre-teen.


She lifted her head from her iPhone for a second, "I'm heading off to school, bye." I nodded, wiping my chin off with my sleeve. She headed to the door, but turned to face me.


She lifted up her finger, " Oh, can you do me a favor?"


"Yeah, what is it?" 


She hesitated, putting her hand to the door knob, " Don't pick me up after school, I just don't want them to see you, in those clothe..." She smiled weakly before leaving.


I set my spoon down in the plate, losing my appetite. Even my little sister thought I was a major geek, she was embarrassed of me! I sighed, grabbing my bowl and putting it in the sink. I grabbed my bookbag, and headed to school. After driving to school, I met up with Destiny at our usual spot. 


"Hey! Look, you're in the top of the Tattler." she beamed. I grabbed the Tattler out of her hand, eyeing it. Well, she told the truth. It read : Ulissa Simmons ; Top Honor Student.


I sighed, handing it back to her. She looked confused, but didn't say anything as we headed to our lockers. I grabbed a few books from my locker before shutting it. I turned around, and saw Harry. My heart skipped a beat, blood rushed to my cheeks, my mind went blank, everything that is around me is something that will make me clumsy, and I don't know how to talk. I tried to stop my knees from shaking as he walked my direction.


He smiled, "Hey Ulissa, uh did you do my homework?"  I nodded, grabbing it out of my bookbag. My bag slipped off my shoulder, hitting the ground with a thud, sending papers flying around. I groaned, handing Harry his paper. Harry grabbed it, "Do you need help?"

I was about to say something, but he didn't wait for my response. He kneeled down beside me, picking the papers that were sprawled across the tile floor. After picking every paper up, he smiled. I stuffed my papers in my bag, " I'm sorry. You didn't have to help."

He shrugged, giving me a smile. He left, leaving me daydreaming about how perfect we would be together. I was brought out of my daydream as the tardy bell rang. I went the rest of the day dreaming in my classes, until we got to lunch.

Destiny set her lunch tray beside mine, she plopped herself down on her seat before taking a huge bite out of her sandwich. I watched Harry sit down at his usual table with his 4 other best friends. It was weird how they were never separated. 

"What's wrong with you? It's Friday, and you have like a 'Fuck Me' face going on." Destiny said while taking a chug out of her milk. I snapped out of my trance, and stared at her. 

"I'm going to change my style.." I smiled. Destiny finished swallowing the food in her mouth, " Why? What's wrong with what you're wearing?" 

I looked down at my clothes, out of style and boring. I shrugged, " I want to try something different, I mean you've always said different is good." 

She nodded, "Yeah, I guess." Destiny wasn't as geeky as me. She was a social butterfly, and I was geeky. That's why we attract, I'm socially awkward, while Destiny is socially...awesome. She knows the newest trends, how to avoid heartbreaks, and whatever. She is my daily magazine. I've always worried about if I lower her reputation. I mean she is qualified to hang out with the popular girls, but instead she hangs out with the geekiest girl. Me.


"Want me to go over to your house after school, so we can go shopping for your new clothes?" Destiny said, taking her last bite out of the sandwich. I nodded, "That would be great."

"Oh and girl, not to be rude, but how about getting you different hairstyle tips, and makeup tips too!" Destiny said, pointing out.

I gasped, putting my hand to my hair, " Well, I didn't think there was anything wrong with my hair or makeup, but now that you pointed it out..yeah."

She laughed, wiping her hands off on her jeans. After school I gave Destiny a lift to my house. She went to my room and opened my closet, rummaging through my clothes, "Look at all these clothes! I have never seen you wear these! Every girl would die for this closet." Destiny gasped, clawing at all my clothes.

My mom always travel and brings me clothes, like a lot, but I wasn't really into style so it really didn't interest me. "You are going to wear this plaid shirt, with this white shirt under it annnnnnd with these cute shorts on Monday!" She laid the outfit down on my bed. She picked out my denim tennis shoes to go along with it. I nodded, "Okay, it's cute..I guess."

She gasped, "You guess?! It is CUTE! Now for your make up and hair, I'll be around on Monday morning to help you with that." I nodded, shutting my closet doors. "So, are we going to go shopping?" I asked.

She turned to face me with this face, "Shopping?! Not with that closet, if you had told me that you had those kind of clothes, I would have fixed your style years ago!....No offense."

I rolled my eyes, "Offense taken." She checked her watch, grabbing her stuff. "Shit, I promised my boyfriend I would meet him at his house, mind giving me a lift." 

I nodded, "Not at all, let me grab my keys." Did I forget to mention, Destiny goes out with Harry. They have been going out for 6 months, in a week it will be 7 months. I drove her to Harry's place, and then headed to my little sister's school. "Oh shit." I turned back around, remembering that she told me not to pick her up. I sighed, heading back to the house. All I could do now was wait until Monday, and I could pass the time by finishing my homework...and other peoples homework.

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