Lily Kylind, 17, Currently holds the world record for youngest person to sail around the world two years ago at fifteen. After rising to the world's spotlight, two years later she is ready to do it again, sailing all seven seas, by herself this time. But when something happens at sea, her boyfriend, Ben Morgan (Yes that's right, son of multi-millionaire who sponsored her trip) who promised her the world, tries to save her, But will be just a little to far away and a little to late?


1. Don't go

"But I don't want you to go, " I whispered lips pressed to her neck." She cooed back in response, then with a sigh pushed me back gently. 

"I'll be fine. Really."  Her warm eyes looked deep in to mine. She slipped out of the cramped bed, and slipped her pull over back on, throwing me my shirt. "I'll be on deck, Ben. Come up?" She asked the question then walked slowly up the narrow stairs, to the boat deck.  It wasn't really a question: It was her boat. Lily was leaving tomorrow too, and nothing I could say would stop her.

I was sitting up, with my shirt in hand. I looked down at it, then chose to walk up without putting it on. I found her, starboard side, facing away,  towards the open ocean, and the dimming sunset. Slipping my hands around her waist, I felt her body conform to mine, her hair falling on my bare chest. I looked down at her, and saw the tears in her eyes. "Oh Lily, come now." I chided. " Her grey eyes looked back to the water, and I saw a single tear run down her cheek before she wiped it away.

"Like I said before," I pulled her back to me, "You don't have to go. One world record is good enough, right?" Her blonde hair danced against me as she laughed through the tears.

"Never. Not for me. I really want to go see the world again." She paused looking up to me, and smiled, wiping the rest of the pooling tears back. "It's just so big. The world and the ocean. I'm going to get lost, and your not going to be there to save me. I know you'll be waiting when I get back, but who knows how long that will be?" Lily side stepped away from me lightly, trying not to rock the boat. I let my hands drop, letting her go. 

"You could see the world again. I could take you and we would sail away together this time, you and me against the world, till the horizon. And if you get lost with out me, just sail back here and know I'll be waiting right here." She smiled again at how cliche my little love song sounded. 

"You'll wait for me?" she questioned again.

"Yes, of course. The whole country will be, The entire world will have their fingers crossed. And you know what?" I grabbed her hand, and she spun into me, like a remarkably graceful dancer. "I'll get to have you all to myself again, after all this craziness is over with." I sat down on the edge of the sleek racing boat, and patted next to me. She say crossing her legs underneath her, resting her head against my shoulder again.

"What if I like the craziness and don't want it to end?" Lily mumbled, mostly to herself. She yawned, while the sun finally dipped below the sea.

We sat there for ages watching as the sky grew darker. I shook her as I felt her head slip past my shoulder. "Psst, Lily." She woke up, slightly disoriented. 

"What?" I picked her up bridal style and back below her very shallow deck. I tucked her in bed like a little child before she knew what was happening. Smiling as I did so, I kissed her forehead hen her lips, brushing them over.

"Good night love. Your big day is tomorrow." She smiled slightly, and wished me a good night.

"You'll be here tomorrow?"

"Yes, at departure, 7 am." 

She relaxed once more and fell asleep almost immediately after that. Tomorrow was her big day. 

"Love you." I whispered, then slipped off the boat, and on to the dock, walking my way home. 7 A.M, sharp.  I would be there for her: I always would.

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