I'm Yours...Always

The perfect valentine date: rose petals trailing to a private table on the beach, champagne and strawberries covered in chocolate. Is it real? It became real for Rachel. We take a look inside what happened at Rachel and Liam's date on the one and only Valentine's Day.

And what happens next...


2. Late Night Swim ;)

'You ready?' Liam said.
I didn't respond.  We were standing at the top of the hill looking over the beach.  I looked down to where Liam wanted to jump.  Looks about fifteen metres down.  Shit.  It was about 7 o'clock, so it was dark, but light enough to see wheere we would land.  The ruffles of dark blues waves hitting the rocks really made me want to scream and run the about way.  But Liam had a tight grip on my hand.
'Rachel?' he asked.
I jolted my glance at him.  He was smiling and I was freaking out.
'Do we have to?' I asked.
He looked sympathetically at me.
'No, of course not. Come on,' he said.
We started to turn around and walk back towards out private table, when he gabbed me around the waist and ran toward the hill.
'NO NO LIAM! STOOOOP!,' I screamed.
But it was too late, he had already launched him and myself over the edge.  I screamed the whole way down, still in his arms.  The water curled up from around my feet, passed my stomach and strangled my hair.  When I was fully underwater, blue taking over my sight, I saw Liam infront of me and he was laughing (underwater style).  My lungs hungered for the taste of oxygen, I swam to the surface and took in a long a deep breath before looking at my surroundings.  Liam was treading water right infront of me, smiling.
'You asshole!' I said as I splashed water at his face.
He swam over to me and wraps his arms around my waist and kissed my neck.
'Why did you do that?' I said.
'It's Valentine's day,' he replied.
'So...you throw me off a hill, into freezing cold water,' I said. 'Wow.'
'I did it, so it would wake you up,' he said.
'Why would you want me awake?' I asked.
'So you could spend all night awake with me,' he replied.
'There are other ways of doing that, than jumping in water,' I said.
'Oh, you mean--,' he winked at me twice.
I looked at him in digust and excitement.  He kissed my jawline, my cheek then my lips.  His body was warm, even in the coldness of the waves.
'How is your late night swim goin' he asked.
'Late night? Pfft, yeah,' I replied.
He laughed.
'Whatever, well?' he asked again.
I smiled at him.
'Better,' I said.

*Author's Note*
Sorry for the short chapter, but Kristy asked me to update it soon, and this is probs the only time I will get this weekend and start of next week.  So I hope you like it! Thank you everyone who like, favd, and commented, it means a lot. xo. xo. xo.

Btw, Kristy, we miss out on english and Mr. Rayner one monday :((((((((((

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