I'm Yours...Always

The perfect valentine date: rose petals trailing to a private table on the beach, champagne and strawberries covered in chocolate. Is it real? It became real for Rachel. We take a look inside what happened at Rachel and Liam's date on the one and only Valentine's Day.

And what happens next...


1. I Wove Youuu

'Can I look now?' I said trying to pull Liam's hand off my eyes.
'Nah ah ahh,' he replied.
His hand was warm on my face and I didn't actually want him to move it.  I could feel the ground under me move from a concrete path to sand or dirt or something.  The wind picked up also, there was only one place in town that would be this windy.  We continued to walk through the sand/dirt until Liam pulled to a stop.  I felt him walk around infront of me.
'I'm gonna move my hand, but you have to keep your eyes closed, OK?' he said.
I smiled as my face covered itself with wind.  He let go of my hand and I heard him walk away infront of me.
'Liam?' I said.
"Eyes closed,' I heard him yell, he'd travelled pretty far for a couple of seconds.
I felt really awkward standing there, trying to hold my dress down from the wind.  He had bought it for me last week and said for me to wear it today.  Sus much?  A huge gush of wind blew at me my dress went full on up, but it wasn't my hands that were pulling down.  I opened my eyes to see Liam covering me with his body.
'What are you doing?' I asked.
'Guys were looking at you,' he replied. 'No one looks at you but me.'
I smiled up at him and grabbed his hand.
'Come on, I want to show you something,' he said.
I smiled.  I could see where we were now.  The beach.  Just as I thought.  We walked passed the guys that were eyeing me.  One of them stood up behind me and lifted up the back of my dress.  I quickly turned around and slapped him.
'What the hell?!' I said. 'Actually no, come on, let's go.'
I continued walking with Liam close by my side.


After we were walking for a while, he turned and stood infront of me.
'What?' I asked.
'You know I think you're beautiful right?' he said.
'Yeah, I think you're beautiful too,' I smiled.
'Well...Happy Valentine's Day babe,' he replied.
He moved away and gestured me to walk forward.  I walked forward and came to a red carpet.  In the middle of the beach....  There was a dotted line of skittles on the ground.  My favourite.  I walked slowly onto the carpet, but sand flicked onto the red velvet, so I unclipped my heels and held them in one hand.  As I was walking along the line of rainbow, I looked up at the sky.  The colour was beautiful, it went from a dark blue, spread across into a deep red, orange and pink.  When I looked back down to my eye level, I was stunned by what I saw.  There was a table set out for two, obviously, with champagne and strawberries.  Covered in chocolate.  I continued to walk and I saw everything more clearly.  There were two bags hanging on a tree with our swimmers in it, what was he thinking? It's freezing!  The champagne was actually orange, not pink.  The red carpet went right down next to the water, there was a blue rose on my plate and I was so caught up in this whole situation, that I could hear every bubble from the champagne burst.  I placed my shoes onto the sand and turned around to see Liam still standing at the beggining of the velvet carpet road.  I began to run to him, kicking up a mixture of sand and skittles, until I reached him and jumped into his arms.  He held me bridal style and spun me around making a tornado of sand.  I wanted to stay in his warmth forever.  He placed me down and I re-walked the trail, ruined now.
'Thank you, wow, I just---,' I said.
'You what?' he asked.
'I love you,' I said.
He looked at me with a serious face.
'What?' he asked.
'I-I love you,' I replied.
His face didn't change.
'I was meant to say that first,' he said.
I smiled and said, 'Ok, pretend I never said it...start again.'
Silence came over us like a blanket.
'I love you,' he said slowly.
I smiled and looked up at him.  I put my arms around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist.
'I love you too,' I replied kissing him.
There was a moment of us just staring into each others eyes and the occasional kiss.
'You know what I am?' Liam asked.
'No, what?' I replied.
'I'm yours...always.' he replied

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