this story is about a girl 13 yr old girl named loagan and this stranger come up by her and as she is screaming her head off she passes one direction but the man caught her she took at beating and woke up in an abandon building and was about to get killed then one direction came i and saved her but the war is not over later on they find out the one in charge of the kiddnapp was her ex and he wanted her back but liam tried to save her but her ex took her way again noelw liam has gotten to the point where he wants logan and he loves her but does she stay with her ex or does she go with liam?(ps i might have spelling and grammer issues i aint the best:)


1. the whole story

i was walking home from school when a stranger from this balck van drove up next to me jumped out and started to chase me i ran screaming i went pass this group of boys but right when i passed the stranger grabed me and started to beat me until i was knocked out   oh by the way my name is logan and im a 13 yr old girl:)  all i remember from thise group of boys there were 5 of them they all turned and one of them started to come after the stranger but he was too late      " where am i " i thought i woke up inbthis abandon building   i heard vioces i tried to get up but i was tied to a wooden chair then i heard footsteps getting closer and louder then i seen someone in front of me with balck hair, he had a small scar over his eye, he was wearing all black  and the worst part was he had a knife in his hand      " what do you want from me ir what are you going to do to me ? " i said in a scared trembling voice   but he did not answer he just stared at me  he started to raise the knife twards my neck then voices from another part of the building  it sounded like they were getting knocked  out the stranger man turned around and went to see then nobody came back until like 20 min later a group of boys  came twords me then i thought back to the stranger trying to kiddnap me those group of boys came to help me i was soo happy and relived when they came but i was so tired and weak from the beating when i got up  i fell down hard it was pain ful to walk  so the one  that tried to help earlier picked me up and carried me    then i woke up in a hosoital  with the five boys staring at me   and the one that carried me was holding my hand   i asked  "who are you guys?"  they said there one direction  there names were liam ( the cute on and the one that tried to help me and carried me )  harry louis niall and zayn.  the doctor came in and said i had a major serious cuncution and i would be in there for months       i was in soo much pain i could hardly move .   liam asked me " what is your name ?" i said "logan "   in a very faint voice we stared at each other for the longest time then niall yelled at the  doctor that was across the hall " wheres the food ?! " i laughed but then groaned after it because it hurt bad       harry elbowed niall   nial said " what im hungry and i was tring to cheer logan up "   " well instead it hurt her " said harry   " no its ok he did cheer me up  " i said very faint  niall stuck his tounge out at harry which made me laugh again then pain after that    harry elbowed niall  " QUIT"   said niall    i smiled as niall walked out with his arms crossed like a five yr old being mad as he walked out to get food          i looked over at liam  "hey tell the boys i said thabks for saving me "  i said   " ok " he said   " why wont u get something to eat with the rest of the boys there getting ready to leave to get some grub . "   he chuckled  " because i want to stay here with you "     "im fine " i said yawning       " you sure? "  he asked     " yes "    
" ok "  
i fell asleep after he left 

liams veiw 
" hey guys , im worried about logan "  liam said  
" why? " asked niall with his mouth full of food 
" i just feel like this aint over." 
" how" 
" i feel that man/stranger will come back for her " 
"who was he ?" asked louis 
" i have no idea"  " well you know what we guys have to do ? " 
" what ?" they all asked 
" we have to protect her,that man almost killed her,who knows what he will do to her once he gets ahold of her again ,........ he could toture her till she dies."  they all nodded  
" lets go back to her room " said zayn 

so they all walked to the room and found her sleeping
" guys she sleeping dont wake her up"  liam said quietly                                    after an hour i woke up with them talking and looking at me pointing at me it was kinda weird       
" hey guys was the food good ?" i asked so they knew i was awake  
" yes " said niall as quick as possible 
" shes awake ! " yelled louis 
" keep it down other people are proabably sleeping " said zayn 
" sorry " said louis  
i did a small chuckle and liam turned around and smiled at me 
i laid my head back and said  " man that stranger/man beat me good " 
harry raised one eyebrow ans asked " i hope in the bad way is what u meant right?" 
" yes" i said shaking my head 
"what?" he asked raising his arms 
" nothing " 
i sighed  " i knew i shouldnt have walked home from school " 
" what ?" asked liam 
"well on that morning i begged my mom that i wanted to walk home from school  but she didnt feel safe about it but i told her it would be fine,............... its all my fault if u had just rode the bus this would nit have happened....."  i said quietly and crying.  
liam took my hand and got close and said " its not your fault, no one knew this was going to happen  its out of the blue." 
" but what if the man comes back ?" 
he smiled " you have us." 
they all smiled 
" you'll protect me thanks thats the best thing that ever happened to me " 
" no problem " louis said  
i chuckled 
" you know the saying laughter is the best medicane. " 
" ya" said zayn 
" well if we make her laugh maybe she will be better faster." 
they all started to laugh 
" you know thats just a saying right ?"
"ya but it could work though "
"proabably not " 
"ya i guess your right " 
of course i fell asleep again but at least it was like 12:00  and every one went to sleep except for liam i would wake up every now and then seeing him pace back and forth  or sitting there staring at me worried.

when morning came every one went to get breakfeast. the boys ( liam said it was his idea)  brought breakfeast for me and it was chicolate chip pancakes  mmmmm. 
i said " thanks you guys didnt have to do this " 
" well we figured you were hungry you hadnt had anything to eat since your lunch " liam said thoughtfully
" ya your right" 
we all laughed  but it didnt have a bad pain after it it was a small pain man i felt like a pig i gobbled the food up like there was no tommarow its because i hadent ate in like a day though  
" man that was good " i said 
" i know " said niall  
i chuckled  i could tell they were all happy that i was happy 2 months went by and the doctor came and said i was free to go  i was soo happy i hugged liam and he hugged me back i was jumping up and down 
" guys im scared to go to school though because that man "  i said kinda scared 
"well   maybe we can come to school with you " liam said 
" but you know how many girls are gonna all over ? "
" ya " 
" im afraid you guys are going to foget about me and hang out with your new girlfriends"  
" we wont forget you rights guys ?" 
they all nodded their  heads 
" promise ?" 
" promise" 
" thanks guys " i hugged all of them  
when i went to school that next day everybody asked if i was ok  and i said yes but then when liam,niall,harry,zayn,and louis came in it reverse like that  they were all over them you could tell the boys were uncomfterable  i mean even the teachers were treating them like royalty   
" you guys ok?" i asked 
" no were uncomfterable with every one treating us like this what makes it even more weired is the teachers are doing the same ! " said louis
" i know " 
when school ended louis drove me and the rest of the boys to a hotel
" um..........guys.................this isnt my house "
" we know your mom let you live with us because she wants us to protect you and she trust us " said harry 
" she did...... im gonna miss her and my family" 
" you can skype them and call them too "  
"ya your...right " 
liam leaned me on his chest and i started to cry a little he started to stroke my hair 
" it will be ok logan ,there nothing to worry about." he said gently 
" you sure?" i asked looking up at him 
" ok " i said sniffing 

when we got in the lobby i seen my mom and family there with my bags i ran and hugged her she gave me my bags 
" ill miss you " she said 
" ill miss you too " i said starting to cry 

she took me to my room and we hugged again and she left   i took  the room key and opened the door and it was llike a five star hotel nice beds,a nice bathroom ,an awesome veiw of the ocean ( oh ya i forgot to tell you i live at nyrtle beach )  and it was on the top of the building the highest floor , therese a kitchen with a pantry , and a small living room to watch on the flat screen tv ! 
" woah this is awesome, do i get this all to my self ?" i asked in curiousity and excitement
" umm ... no someone needs to stay in here with you just in case someone breaks in or something like that" said zayn
" ok " i said 
the boys were shocked at my answer 
" what?" 
"well we thought you would complain about not having it to yourself " said harry 
" no i actually want some one in here with me in case that man comes for all i know he could be stalking me rught now waiting for the perfect moment to attack like when im alone"
i said 
" ok then " said harry in relief 
" by the way who is staying with me?" 
" liam he offerd " said niall 

so i started to un pack when i notice something not right i heard a beeping sound in my phone i checked it out and saw that i had a hacker put a tracking device in my iphone 
" aaaahhhhh!!!" i screamed 
liam came around the corner holding a gun  i put my hands up and said " no ones  here, i found a trcking device in my phone i think when i was knocked out the man out a tracking device in my phone !" 
" ya your right " liam said  
" do you know how to get it out?" i asked scared 
" no but i bet niall does " 

so we took it to niall and luckly he could and he did 
" thank you niall" i said hugging him 
" it was nothin " he said 
" hey can we get dinner im starving" 
it was already 5:30 pm 
" sure" liam said "lets go to mc donalds " 
" sounds good to me" said niall 
" of course you do " i said laughing 

so we went to mc donalds and went back to the hotel 
" want to go swimming ?" i asked  
liam looked at me thinking 
" sure" he said " want me to get the rest of the boys ?" 
" ya but make sure niall aint drunk!" i said laughing  
we were both laughing  
" ive seen niall drunk it aint pretty though" 
" oh i bet " i said still laughing 

i got on my bikini and we went to the pool with the other boys and we swam for hours eventually we got out,  it was midnight  i started to yawn and took a shower got on my pjs and sat on the couch and watched some tv   later liam sat down next to me i leaned on his chest and fell asleep . the next morning i woke up with the boys singing " its time to get up its time to get up get up get up get up!" 
" its time to get up !" i said 
then we all died in laughter  we got dressed and went to the dining area and ate  breakfeast  i had eggs , a pancake, some poatatoes , and  french toast then we went back to our rooms and just chilled for an hour or two  during that time  i asked liam " have you ever been here before?" 
" no why ?" he asked 
" well this is my third time coming and there is two things i have not done yet" 
" what are they?" 
" well theres that huge ferris wheel and zipline whih im not that sure about" 
" well we can take you there " 
" you will ?" 
" ya its the least we can do after saving you"  
he smiled 
" thanks " i said " for everything " 
i went and i hugged him he hugged me back 
" i will do everything to protect you " he said quietly as he was hugging me 
i looked up at him and smilied he started to lean twords me for some odd reason but then niall bursted in and he was drunk the way he walked ,looked , talked it was so funny i burst out laughing  liam chuckled as he rolled his eyes and shook his head  
" well who is going to watch niall today when we go out places?"  i asked 
" i have no idea maybe zayn" he said 
" or louis " 
" never trust louis with that kind of stuff,we learned that the hard way" 
" then zayn it is " 
i went over to zayns and harrys room 
" zayn " i said as i knocked on the door 
"what" when he answered the door 
" you have to watch niall " 
" cant niall watch after himself?" 
" hes drunk " 
" oh ya i do need to watch him when he is drunk it dont get pretty, we learned that the hard way" 
i giggled 
"well here you go " i pushed niall into the room  
" wow he looks really drunk  we just have to keep him away from you " he said  
" why?" i asked 
" well ....... um...... lets say its not going to be pretty and it involves with a bed "  
i just stared at him for like five minutes in surprisement  
" well that is a no commenter " i said  
" ya an-....…………………" i stared at niall 
" what?" zayn asked 
i pointed to niall which was all the way at the end of the room 
" oh my gosh .... niall ... quick humping the box!" he said to niall 
" um..... im going to leave and i think im scared for life now .. so .... bye ."  
and i left liam took me swimming on the beach then we went ziplineing a couple of times and we went on the "skyscaper" is what the ferris wheel was called   then we got the bous ad had sone dinner at a pizza place  when we wet back to the hotel it was around 10:00 and i was worn out  so of course i took a shower, got pjs on , brushed teeth and went to watch tv  i watched for about 4 hours and fell asleep on liam i woke up in one of the beds with liam layning next to me sleeping i could of sworn i was on the couch     liam had his arm wrapped around my waist and his head was right behind mine and he was spooning me   it was kinda akward but yet nice   i fell back asleep when i felt a little shake and i turned twards him and he was awake he was about 3 centimeters away from my face and said " good morning " 
i smileded "good morning"  
for some reason he leaned slowly closer and when he was a half of a centbi meter away from my lips niall barged in and said " its time to get up!" 
liam looked a little mad and i heard him whisper something and he whispered "always in the way " but it was kimd of an angry  but he rolled over and got out of bed and we got dressed 
when i was doing my hair i asked liam "hey when niall came in eiarlier why did you whisper always in the way ?" 
he walked by and looked at me  
" nothin " 
" oh ........ ok" 

thata all i been thinking about that day all day the boys ask me if i was ok because i didnt really eat and i really didnt talk  you could tell that liam was worried about me   finally harry  said "you need to eat you hadnt eaten all day " 
" fine " i said kind of in a braty way 

so they got me some ice-cream but i had to eat it with a fork so liam wouldnt freak        we were about two hours away because we were looking around to see if we can find good places to eat and hang out  on the way back to the hotel i was in the back of the car by myself the guys kept looking back at me because they were worried   eventually about and half an hour later niall asked " are you sure your ok, because you have that look in your eye." 
i looked at him " ya i guess so "
" you dont sound like it " 
i sighed " niall ..... in fine ok" 
" ok i was just asking " 
 it was quiet for about 15 minutes then i notice some thing strange i leaned closer to see the rear view mirror and in the car behind us was the man  
" LOUIS " i yelled 
" what?!?!" he asked loud 
" the - the " i studderd " THE MAN IS BEHIND US FOLLOWING US!" 
" WHAT?!?!" they all yelled 
" yes " i said in a rwally scared voice 

liam came into the back seat with me a was hugging me 
" he knows im here ........  im going to die " i said quietly , squeaky , and scared 
" your not going to die , you hear me logan , you got us ,  ..........…… louis try to loose him " 
" ok ill try " he answered 

now im hugging liam , crying  
" shhh, it will be ok logan" he said stroking my hair   

louis eventually lost him in traffic but he wont be gone for long    once we got to the hotel  we quickly went into niall and louis room and hid behind the beds i was still hugged up with liam then we hears banging on the door it was loud , pounding trying to get in. you could tell the person was proabably mad  kiam was reaching down to his waist    
i whispered to him " what are you doing?" 
" shhh"  he whispered 
then i seen him pull out a gun  i felt a little safer then we heard the door swing open    liam quicklied stood up and pointed the gun   and  i peeked to see who it is  and it was the man  i quickly ducked down  
" i want her " said the man in a deep crackly dark voice 
" no " liam said  
" no?" 
" yes ,no " 
 i peeked again the man was now holding up a gun  then i heard a big bang  " a gun shot " i screamed in my mind then i seen liam on the ground bleeding in his shoulder 
" come with me or he dies " the man said 
so i looked at him then liam  and i got up  and went iver to the man  
" no .......... logan ..... dont go!" liam said painfully 
" i have to or he will kill you ,....... bye" i said sadly 
" great, he will be pleased " the man said smiling 
" who " asked liam
" none of your buisness " he said to liam  
he smilied at me and gave a little push for me to leave 

" guys we have to follow them so we can help her" liam said 

so they all kepted distance but enough to see where i was going  

when i was in the van i was scared i had no idea who he was and what they are going to do with me   when the van stopped i heard foot steps  and then the van door opened so i had to get out and went into that old abandoned building  now im standing in a dark room with only a couple of lights working then i heard someone 
" well well look who it is " 
i know that voice i thought 
i turned around and i know who it was i thought right it was my ex-boyfriend jack 
" what do you want?" i asked 
" nothin big just you" 
" no " i said 

then liam and them ran in 
" hahahaha i knew you would come" he said smiling 
" who are you ?" asked liam holding his gun at him 
" why im an old friend of logans here, im here ex-boyfriend or now i like to say boyfriend " 
" no !" i yelled 
" no ?, well i have you know that i have these lovly guys here that can change this answer" 
" what are you going to do to me?" 
" nothin its just called brain washing until you forget about these guys and especially liam " he said smiling  
" no " liam said 

he ran twards me but jacks guard guys caught him and zapped him and kept doing it 
" stop,stop it!" i yelled as loud as i could 
he put up his hand and the guards stopped 
" you want him to live?, become my girlfriend and never break up with me or i will kill him" 
"no " liam said  

he got out of the guards holds and raced teords me and hugged me 
" no you are not taking her away from me!" he said strongly  
" hahahaha you think your going to get away with this but nope , she was mine first she broke up with me because of you now i have to kill you " 
" no " i said " no thats not why jack i just didnt feel like being boyfriend and girlfriend i felt that we should be friends i didnt feel like i like liked you , you have to get over that" 
he looked at me , mad 
" no "  he said " guards" and snapped hos fingers and two guards pulled me away from liam  all the rest of the guards  took the boys and put them in a jail like cell 
as i walked passed them with jack having his arm around my waist we saw liam znd jack kissed my cheek and smiled also he saw a twar go down my other cheek he could tell i was not happy  he was soo mad  he broke the lock with a medal rod  and knocked out jack and helped me and the boys escape 

finally we got to the hotel  when we got to our room it was the next day so i changed my clothes. they were shorts that looked like they were ripped but no holes ,a red plaid shirt, my black and red and green dc's , and a flat billed hat that said" swagg"  its the best outfit i ever wore   when i was done i went over to the boys  and said " how do i look?"  
liam, and niall just stared  and the rest said " awesome" 
i went over go liam who was sitting on the couch and said " thanks for saving me ... again "  
we all laughed 
he turned to face me and said
 "i will always protect you, we kept our promise we will keep protecting you until he stops" he stroked my bangs out of my face but they fell right back  he leaned twords me closing his eyes put his hand on the side of my face and kissed me  
i was surprised but i kissed him back 
after he was done i looked at niall who seemed sad  
" this is embaressing but i can trust you guys so here it goes ... that was my first kiss " 
they all smiled 
" im glad im the first because it was love at first sight when i saw you" 
i smiled and i could tell i was blushing majorly but nisll seemed odd after that kiss 
" are you ok niall ?" i asked walking over to him 
" no, the truth is i liked you and i wanted to kiss you thst is one reason i got drunk but i see your in love with someone else" he sighed after he said it 
i went over to liam and whispered "can i kiss niall to make him feel better i dont want any of you guys to get sad ?" 
he whispered back " yes" and smiled 
i walked over to niall and said " niall" he looked up and i did a 2 second kiss 
" are you happy now?" i asked 
"yes" and nodded his head 
" good " i said smiling and sat back down next to liam  and put my head on his chest and said " you guys are the best you know that?"
they all said " yes" 
and we laughed  it was a great time 


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