Pretty Little Directioners (Pretty Little Liars/One Direction Fan Fiction)

Once upon a time, there were four little girls...


7. Chapter Two

~ Avery's P.O.V. ~



"Avery! Hey! Wait up!"

I turned around and saw Vanessa and Hailie running towards me.

"Oh, hey! What's up?" I asked as they caught on.

"Guess who got three tickets AND backstage passes for the One Direction concert?!" Hailie yelled.

"What's One Direction?" I asked.

Their jaws dropped and they stared at me.

"You're kidding. Please tell me you're kidding." Vanessa told me.

"I'm not, actually," I admitted. "So, who are they?"

"Only the HOTTEST boyband in the world! We're all going to their concert next month!"

"Well, at least let me take some time to listen to their music first. I want to at least get to know what they sing about." I smirked.

"Oh, you should listen to 'Little Things' or 'What Makes You Beautiful'. They're really nice songs, you should start hearing those ones first." Hailie smiled.

"Sure, thanks! See you both after 2nd period!" I said, walking to Chemistry class.

I entered the class and sat down on my seat. I noticed that our teacher, Mr. Vincilli, was talking to a girl, maybe she was a new student. She was pretty and fit, but she always made ratty faces at our classmates.

Something was wrong.

I've seen this girl before.







I know it's short but I pinky promise the next one will be longer!!!

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