Pretty Little Directioners (Pretty Little Liars/One Direction Fan Fiction)

Once upon a time, there were four little girls...


8. Chapter Three

~ Harry's P.O.V. ~



"Aye, man, have you seen my red sweater?" Niall asked me, looking through his closet.

"No, I haven't. You should ask Liam, I saw him with it a few minutes ago."

"Alright, thanks." He told me, leaving the room.

I sat down on Niall's bed and turned on my iPhone. I went to go on Instagram and to check out a few of my mentions and follows. It was mostly commotion about our new album coming out this July, and I was really stoked that people were getting this excited for it.

I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. Someone opened the door. I peeked out through the hole, and immediately saw Louis.

"Surprise." He laughed, coming in.

I frowned at him, remembering about the other night at the bar.

"What's wrong?"

"The other night, I met this girl at an empty bar. Her name was Avery, and we talked for a bit and laughed together. At the end of the night, she gave me her number, but I lost it by mistake. She was really beautiful, and she liked to draw, too. But I might never get to see her again." I confessed.

"Well, maybe you will see her if you go down to that bar again one night. You'll never know what happens." He said, smiling.

"Thanks, I really hope I see her again."

"What did she look like, anyway?" Louis asked.

"Well, she had brown hair, hazel eyes, and she was quite tall for her age. That's pretty much all I remember."

"Wanna see if we can find her on Twitter or Instagram?"

I nodded and took out my phone, searching up Avery Lockheart on both Twitter and Instagram.


Twitter -- nothing.


Instagram -- Bingo.


I immediately remembered her face after looking at her most recent photo, which was just taken yesterday. She was at a mall with her friends.

"Look." I told Louis, showing him her photos.

"She's a very pretty girl. How old is she?"


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