Between Two Worlds (Editing)

Anastasia is just 21yrs old when she runs into her childhood friend Niall Horan. Sparks start to fly as all the old memories come back to them. At the age of 17 when Niall went onto the XFactor; Anastasia found out she was pregnant with Niall's child. Once One Direction was formed Anastasia and her mother move to Dublin. What will Happen when people realize the truth. Will Niall stay with her, or leave her alone. More Drama comes down when 3yrs pass. Read More to find out!


13. Hey Guys

Hey guys its Maya!

I am somewhat back..  I have so bad and some good news for you all.

Here's the good news;I am doing a bit better.. Not really, but I'm getting help.

Here's the sad news (Boo): I am going to discontinue this story, well basically editing this story. It definitely needs work and I'm in the minced of re-writing the story, so please be patient and I will tell you all when I'll be updating this again! (: Also I am going to be posting a new movella called 'Broken'. I posted the movella on Wattpad and on Movellas.. I've gotten some good feed back so far, from like friends. I hope you all will enjoy as much as I am.

So while I'm rewriting Between Two worlds, and writing Nobody compares, I am going to be posting Broken (:

Thank you guys for all the support and love! I love you guys with all my heart! xx ~Maya

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