Between Two Worlds (Editing)

Anastasia is just 21yrs old when she runs into her childhood friend Niall Horan. Sparks start to fly as all the old memories come back to them. At the age of 17 when Niall went onto the XFactor; Anastasia found out she was pregnant with Niall's child. Once One Direction was formed Anastasia and her mother move to Dublin. What will Happen when people realize the truth. Will Niall stay with her, or leave her alone. More Drama comes down when 3yrs pass. Read More to find out!


6. Baby Girls Birthday... Oh SHIT! Part 1


"Mummy! Mummy!" Erika yells pouncing on my bed,

"What baby?" I ask in a tired tone. She tends to do this a lot to me! Ha!

"Today's my birf-day!" She yells! Wow my baby girl is getting old! She's turning for today.. Oh gosh! I feel old and I'm 21!

"Oh really is it?" I ask acting like I didn't know.

"Yes!" She shouts.

"well then I guess I'll have to do this-" I grab her by her waist, tackling her while planting numerous kisses on her face. She know she loves me.

"Happy Birthday baby! Mwah!" After we finish attacking each other with love, we walk into the living area of our hotel room.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIKA!" Everyone chorused.. All the boys, Perrie, Eleanor, and Danielle were there! Her eyes widen with happiness.. I've never seen her this excited before. I could tell that this will be one of the best birthdays she's ever had. I'm glad she'll be having fun.

The boys and I ordered room service, the hotel added the birthday accommodations which came with a special stuffed animal, milk and cookies. The boys also brought their gifts they bought for Erika. They planned something special.

Louis and Eleanor bought her a stuffed Lion from the arcaded, Zayn and Perrie, a gold bracelet that had her name engraved on it, Liam and Danielle, the Toy Story Trilogy (I can't believe there's going to be a fourth movie), Harry, some princess gear (getting glammed up), and Niall and I bought her a child's guitar.. I want her to become a musician. I know it'll be something she'll love in the future. Why not start now?!

Erika thanks everyone of us by giving all of us a cute hug.. Her party is only getting started.. Well it's going to somewhat be a party. The boys have a concert at the Tacoma Dome. Its a huge dome (I've been there twice. Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers concert, okie back to fanfic).

*At the Tacoma Dome*

We arrive at the dome around 2pm. During the boys practice they allowed Erika to go on stage dancing with them. She looked like a ballerina. Around 6:30pm it was a hour before the concert started.. The girls and I helped Erika get her 1D on.. She looked ADORABLE! We put her hair in a high ponytail, she has a shooting star on her right cheek, she's wearing a 1D t-shirt with a cute jean skirt and converse. I love seeing her this happy. I will remember this day when she gets older, I'll remind her of how much fun she had with them.

"Erika's having an amazing time!" Niall exclaims.

"She's enjoying herself alright!" I chuckle.

"FIVE MORE MINUTES!" Paul interrupts.

"Alright I better go. I  Love you." He kisses my cheek and walks off to the stage.

Everyone else and I stayed backstage watching from a distance (since we couldn't be out in the audience, too crazy of fans).

The first song the boys sang was What Makes You Beautiful, their number 1 hit! Towards the middle, Niall stops.

"Guys today is someone very close to my hearts birthday. She's only four.." Niall exclaims..

The crowd 'AWWs'

"Erika, come on out!" Louis instructs. I help her onto stage.

"Go to daddy, alright?" I told her.

SHIT.... Why did I just say that... She repeats everything that I say... I'm screwed. This is not how I wanted him to find out....


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