Between Two Worlds (Editing)

Anastasia is just 21yrs old when she runs into her childhood friend Niall Horan. Sparks start to fly as all the old memories come back to them. At the age of 17 when Niall went onto the XFactor; Anastasia found out she was pregnant with Niall's child. Once One Direction was formed Anastasia and her mother move to Dublin. What will Happen when people realize the truth. Will Niall stay with her, or leave her alone. More Drama comes down when 3yrs pass. Read More to find out!


8. 5 years Later.....

*Anastasia's POV:*

"Introducing our last final finalist of the night, Anastasia  Kelly." The host Bradley announces. I walk confidently onto stage ready to sing my song. I put the microphone to my mouth.

"Shine bright like a diamond
Shine bright like a diamond
We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky
Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we’ll never die
We’re like diamonds in the sky
You’re a shooting star I see
A vision of ecstasy
When you hold me, I’m alive
We’re like diamonds in the sky"

The feeling of performing on stage gives me such a rush, I've never felt this wonderful in my life. I finish the song singing the last note long and strong. Once I finished I looked upon the crowd scanning, looking for my three familiar faces. Mum, Erika, and Nathan. I see Erika's bright smile at me. Erika is now nine and we live in London. Not the perfect place to get away from your problems, but it makes do.

Everyone in the audience, even backstage clap for me. The sweetest fans. The cool thing is that they don't really know I was with the famous Niall Horan. I'm glad nobody really did. I didn't need anyone's sympathy or attention. My life is rather private and I would like to keep it that way. It puts too much stress on me and my family.

I walk backstage after the judges give me their evaluations. My mum runs up to me. "That was amazing baby! She hugs me tightly. I love how my mum is so supportive of me, always there for me, through thick and thin.

"Mummy you are so going to win!" Erika squeals giving me a warming hug. I walk back into my dressing room. As I walk in I hear a familiar voice; "Wow that was amazing." I can see Erika's eyes widen in excitement/shock. "Daddy!" she yells running up to Niall. From that moment I knew it was him. I can't believe after all these years she still remembers her father. Well I showed her who he was as she got older.

"Hey baby girl." Niall says giving Erika a big bear hug. "You're so big now, the last time I saw you, you were just only four years old." he sniffles.

"Daddy..." she cries. Her brunette curls fall in her face. She hasn't broken down like that since we left Seattle.

*Flashback: 5yrs ago*

"Mummy where are we going?" Erika asks. She notices that I'm packing our stuff. I know she doesn't want to leave her father, the boys, and their girls, but this is what's best for her.

"We're going home." I calmly answer. Her eyes water up as she starts to cry. I hate to see her cry like this, especially on her birthday.

"What about daddy?" she sobs.

"He's going to see us very soon, don't worry baby." I run my fingers through her soft curls.

Her cry grows louder and louder, it makes it even harder for me to let this go.. I just have to do what is best for us."

*End of Flashback*

"Baby, I got to talk to your father for a minute okay? Go with grandma." I calmly instruct her.

" I DONT WANT TO GO!" She protest. Just her saying that is bringing back all the painful memories.

"It'll only be just a few minutes. I promise." I assure her. She nods her head while wiping her tears away. Niall puts her down and she walks to my mum. Once they had left the room, my attention went straight to Niall.

"W-what are you doing here?" I angrily asked.

"Obviously to see you two. You're not very good at hiding, when you know that I watch the X Factor and I practically live in London. When you sang 'Cry me a River', that performance blew me away." He chuckles.

"I didn't want you to find me.. What do you want?" I said gritting me teeth.

"I want to be in Erika and your lives. This was never suppose to happen. I miss you guys, you don't even know how badly I miss you both." His emotion changed.

"When you told me Erika was my daughter I was in complete shock! The way I acted that night of the concert I'm sorry. I honestly didn't know how to react. I never wanted things to end up like this."

"I-I had to go... We were intruding. You have such a busy life, you didn't need me and Erika in your life, I did what I thought was best for Erika. You weren't ready to take on the responsibilities of raising a child."

"Yes, I wasn't ready to raise a child. I had such a busy life, I knew nothing about raising a child. BUT! You guys were the ones who always kept me going. When I just wanted to quit, you guys were there by my side to make my day better. You guys were the only reason why I never broke down. I still love you Anastasia."

Niall leans closer to me, planting a soft kiss on my lips. I could feel his lips tingling to mine, I miss that. Niall quickly released as the room door opened.

"Uh, Annie what are you doing?" Nathan asked confused while standing in the doorway holding a bouquet of flowers.

"Oj! Um.. Niall you remember Nathan?" I blush. Niall nods.

"Nathan, he's my fiancé." I quickly explain to Niall.

He slowly answers; "You're... Fiancé... Congratulations to you both."

"Thanks!" Nathan says planting a sweet kiss on my cheek while giving me the flowers.

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