Between Two Worlds (Editing)

Anastasia is just 21yrs old when she runs into her childhood friend Niall Horan. Sparks start to fly as all the old memories come back to them. At the age of 17 when Niall went onto the XFactor; Anastasia found out she was pregnant with Niall's child. Once One Direction was formed Anastasia and her mother move to Dublin. What will Happen when people realize the truth. Will Niall stay with her, or leave her alone. More Drama comes down when 3yrs pass. Read More to find out!


2. 2


Anastasia Pov:

I reach the pub five minutes after I leave my flat. I sit at the bar searching for the familiar face of Niall. I'm really nervous, I'm afraid that I will blurt out "Oh Niall you have a daughter." It has to be the perfect moment. We just need to catch up! It's been four years. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see Niall with a huge smile on his face.

"Hey Princess!" He greets sitting next to me. "Hey Niall." I smile.

"I'm glad you came! I miss talking to you!"

"Same." I blush.

"So, what have you been up to for the past 4 almost 5 years?" he asked

"You don't really want to know, its not interesting.." I sigh.

"Annie I really do! Tell me." Niall moves a my hair out of my face, so he could look me in the eyes.

"Ummm, well.. I'm a full time mother, well I am when I'm not working." I answer slowly. The thought goes through my head. Should I tell him or should I not?

"Is the father still around?" He asked.

Great! Why did he have to ask that... "No... He's gone." I slowly cough.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything..." He rubs my hand.

"How old is Erika?" He asked quickly changing the subject.

"She's 3 almost 4. Erika is turning 4 in a few months. That's basically it. Now tell me about you." I honesty hate talking about myself all the time! It just makes me feel a bit awkward.

"By the way my mum says hi!" I laugh awkwardly.

"Give her my love back."

"No tell me about you!"

Niall explains all the details about the X Factor, how Simon signed them, how they've won numerous awards. Its amazing how his dream has came true. I'm happy for him. I really am.

While we are getting caught up with each other, we had a couple of drinks and went out to eat. It's been wonderful being with him again. I forgot how close we were. I miss that.

It was around midnight when he took me back to my small flat.

"Thanks for the great night!" I gladly say

"Anytime babe! We need to hang out more, the band and I aren't going to be busy for awhile." Niall grabs me by my waist, swaying me side to side.

"I wish you could stay with me." I feel the alcohol kicking in. I'm getting a bit tipsy.

Niall leans in and kisses me. Deep and passionately. Now I'm sure I'm tipsy..

"How's that?" He asked in a flirty tone.

I open my door quickly.

"Where you going love? I want you!" I see him biting his lip. It really just turns me on.

He then forcibly grabs my hands and pushes me against my door. Passionately kissing me over and over. The touch of his lips all over me, is a feeling I haven't felt in a long time.

Instinctively act back.

(You guys probably know what happens next.. I'm not good at writing sex scenes, so I choose not to write them.)

*The Next Day*

"Mummy! Mummy!" Erika yells shaking me from my sleep.

"What baby?" I ask, slowly coming to life. I'm not a morning person, but when you have a little kid you're going to have get use to it.

"Who's dat man in the kitchen?" I sit up off my bed. I get off my bed and she leads me to the kitchen. As I walk into the kitchen I see Niall and my mum chatting.

"See mommy, who is he?" Erika asks pointing to him. I stare at Niall and back at Erika. They looks so much alike. The bright blue eyes and the brunette hair.

"Ummm. That's mummy's best friend!" I answer. I honestly wanted to say daddy... I pick her up and I walk more into the kitchen. Niall stops what he was doing and turns to Erika

"Hey Erika, I'm Niall!" He introduces. He puts his hand out for a high five, Erika gives him one.

"If you don't mind, I made your mum and Erika breakfast!" He says with a smile as he hands Erika her plate of eggs and bacon.

"I don't mind." I answer.

"I was just was wanting us to go out to eat, I want you to meet the rest of the boys."

"That'd be great!" I smile as I walk back into my room. I hear foot steps follow behind me.

"So Anastasia, how was it? My mother says with a smirk across her face. I have no words, I can't describe it! Sexy, wonderful, or amazing!

"Wonderful!!" I blurt out. My mum chuckles.

"I'm glad you and Niall are catching up! Tonight don't be to loud! I need my beauty rest!"

Oh god she heard us last night! Embarrassing!!! My mother quickly exits my bedroom laughing as loud as can be. "MUM GO EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!" I shout.

"Whatever Miss Bossy!" She still chuckling.

I go into my closet and I pick out blue mini shorts and a white blouse. I put on little make-up. After I was done getting dressed I went back into the kitchen to see how Niall is doing. He cleaned himself a bit and may I say he look hot. He is in the living area where Erika and him are playing together. Barbie's and Niall make a good combination! He seems he like he could be a great father! Erika really needs to be with him. She needs her father! It's just not the right time to tell Niall, him and the band. They are just kicking it off.

"You ready to go babe?" Niall asked as he stopped playing with Erika.

"Yes let's go!" I eagerly answered.

"Bye mummy!" Erika says hugging my legs.

"Bye Princess!" I say kissing her forehead. Me and Niall walk outside and to the hotel where the boys are staying.

"The boys are very excited to meet you! You're going to love them!" Niall exclaims happily with a big smile on his face. From what I've heard about them so far, I think I will have to agree with Niall. I will like them.

*************************************** With The Boys********************************

"So Maya this is Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Harry." Niall introduces me by pointing them all out.

"Nice to meet you all!" I joyful announce. They are all attractive.. I only love Niall.

"She's my best friend from Mullingar, we've known each other since we were three." I'm older than Niall about three months older. So I was technically four haha!

"So tell us about yourself!" The boys demanded. Wow they are very eager to know about me. I still will always hate talking about myself.

I told them everything that has happened since I was seventeen. Erika and my mother. They seemed astonished as I told them about Erika. They wouldn't have thought I was a mother. Obviously I look way too young, and that was such a young age to get pregnant.

Once I was done ranting on about myself, I told them I wanted to know about them. Harry told me that he has a sister named Gemma and that he used to work at a bakery before becoming apart of One Direction. Louis said he has four sisters and that he's the oldest. He told me about his girlfriend Eleanor Calder. Which from what he's explained, she sounds wonderful. Liam said that he has two sisters and that he has a girlfriend Danielle Peazer who is a dancer, and that they have been dating since the boys were on the X Factor. Finally Zayn said he has a sister and that he has a girlfriend Perrie Edwards, who's in a band called Little Mix. I've heard of them before. I'm absolutely loving their music! (True statement I love Little Mix).

Their lives seems so interesting. Not to mention that the boys are super entertaining. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! Niall was so right that I would LOVE the boys!

After we were done eating me and Niall left the boys and headed back to my flat.

*Niall's POV*

After we had parted the boys we started to walk back to her flat. The boys had fun meeting Annie, which is good. I'm glad they do!

"The boys liked you, that's good!" I tell her.

"What really?!" her eyes widen in shock..

"Yes! The boys told me before we left."

"Wow that's great! I really enjoyed meeting them! They are hilarious and very entertaining!" She exclaimed. I'm glad she likes them! She's gotta like my mates if she's gonna be my girl. I want her to be my girl again, and that's also why I wanted to take her out. I want to ask her to be mine again.

"Anastasia there's something I want to ask you." I stare her straight into her beautiful blue eyes.

"What would that be?" She chuckles. I love her laugh its so cute.

"Ummm... Never mind. I don't think its a good idea... Its stupid." I stutter. I'm freaking out, what if she's going to say no. I want her to say yes, but I don't know if its the appropriate time.

"No, tell me!" She demands while she softly rubs my shoulder.

"Annie, I still love you! I never stopped and that's why I'm still single!" I shout. I see her eyes tearing up.

"I want to be with you! Will you be the honor of being my girlfriend after us being apart three years?" I ask with hope. I pray that she'll say yes!

"Niall.." She starts. Slowly she leans in and kisses me.

"So is that a yes?" I ask smiling while she kisses me

"Let me say that again." She grabs my neck and kisses me harder. "That's my answer. I love you too Nialler."

*Sorry for the chapter being so long! I wrote a lot! Lol"


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