merpdityyy kaiden is a simple cali ginger girl. untill one boy comes to her senses possibly the boy of her dreams.. what she doesnt know is that her life might be in danger also possibly the ones she loves the most
~~~~~~~~~~~this is mii first ever story i hope you like it enjoy


2. these dreams

    STOP ZAYN I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME !!!!! i start to yell in my sleep. "kaiden kaiden kaiden what wrong baby " my mom was stroking my red blonde hair that was soaked in sweat "nothing just a bad dream mom i swear im fine " i replied to my mom "ok sweetie just call me if you need anything" mmk i replied my alarm clock rang making me fall out of bed i picked out the cutest outfit to match my new shoes since it was getting like a thousand degrees outside i took out a blue dress with white polka dots with my blue studded flats i picked up my studded necklace put it on looked at the clock realizing i was super late i put blush and eyeliner picked up my bag and ran for the door "kaiden...." i took french toast of the table "bye mom bye dad love you " i said halfway out the door i shut it behind me i ran to school with a piece of french toast in my mouth i saw charlottte waiting for me i ran towards her "we are latttteeeee!!!!" i ran taking her hand swooping her off her house steps "ooh can i get some " she said as we ran "sure " i tore the french toast out of my mouth and gave her some we got to the school doors and we tore them open we ran to homeroom. but we were too late it was second period i slipped on some water and did a full split in the middle of the hall "woow" i yelled as i split "zayn?......ZAYN!! he grabbed my hand and pulled me up i slid right up "you ok?" he asked yea im just fine

~zayn pov~

 "you ok" i asked kaiden she looked really pale as in she was scared of something i slid her right up she had the cutest outfit it made her look like she was going to a ball "well after school you wanna go somewhere?" "are you asking me on a date ?" she asked i blushed "no..noo" "its okay yea pick me up at nine yea!!" "YESS" i thought 

 class went by really faster then i thought i went home took a shower jumped out went to my closet picked out a white tee a vest some jeans and a pair of black and red chucks grabbed a small red box with a bow headed for the door i got to her house.

 ~kaiden pov~

 i got out the hot shower picked out a pink dress with white polka dot with a jean jacket with studded shoulders with pink toms i grabbed my purse and sat on the couch make up and outfit done ready to go.

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