merpdityyy kaiden is a simple cali ginger girl. untill one boy comes to her senses possibly the boy of her dreams.. what she doesnt know is that her life might be in danger also possibly the ones she loves the most
~~~~~~~~~~~this is mii first ever story i hope you like it enjoy


3. the date

  i start to realise  i didnt do my hair  i run to my bathroom pulling my hair into a sock bun i hear  a car pull i look out my bathroom window its zayn i look over at his car a red mustang wow umm. i hop downstairs when i find y dad doing a full body check on zayn "dad" i yell he props up getting his hands off zayn "sorry" my dad replies "well im off dad" "ok drive safe " he stops zayn if you hurt her you know what comes next" my dad threanteds him "DAD" "sorry honey..BYE " we walk out down the street he opens the car door i prop myself in closing the door behind me we drive up to this fancy place the cheesecake factory i stop in my tracks it was lit up so beautiful he grabs my waist pulls me toward him we start to walk he opens the door for me. we wait to get our table "table for two" the waitress asked "mm yea" zayn answered we follow the waitress  to our table  we sit down with menus set on our table "find anything you want"  i wanted to be nice so i chose something cheap "noo its ok choose whatever you want" he begged.





sorry it was really short ill make it up to you ~ <3

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